19 May 2015

Registered Medical Technologist

My classmate said that we “literally” wasted four years in college because in the review center we only had two months to prepare for the board exam. We spent thousands of money, befriended and got influenced by the wrong people, waking up at a time where the sun isn’t rising yet and the worst part was enduring those “kind” of professors. Nobody wanted to venture in their bad side, well except if you’re rich and influential you can just email that professor with a death threat. Yes, it is true but he forgot that during those years we found our best friends, and that we wouldn’t be able to absorb all the information from the review center without those dreadful days and nights of studying where we were still in college. Although we had a poor foundation in some of the subjects thanks to the lazy professors we had. But thanks to college, our body got used to sleep deprivation. Yeah. sabi nga nila Sanayan lang yan. We needed that during the review days. And I’m thankful.

Well I passed the Medical Technologist Licensure Examination with good grades, got to experience living in Manila which was hell. The experience of reviewing for the board exam, taking the board exam and waiting for the result was ineffable. I sacrificed a lot, got fatter (sigh), I washed my own clothes, missed my mum’s birthday, no televisions and everything but it was all worth it. Ladies and gents Nicole C. Estenote, RMT.

 I’m overjoyed, grateful, overwhelmed and I feel like I’m so overly blessed. Blessed that God gave me that title because I deserved it, I worked hard for it and even before the examination I already claimed it, get what I mean? ;)

Last April 6, we had our Recognition and Oath taking. the school rewaded as with 5K each. :) 

It’s been so long since I last blogged. And I missed it. 

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