29 November 2010

Back to School + updates

the classes have started last November 22, 2010 :) but the first week was still irregular, few teachers showed up some didnt. we were all happy at the same time irritated, anyway heres my sched :)

and yess, i only have one class on tuesdays and thursdays ! isnt that cool ? haha but in friday i have no time for lunch and its because of euthenics, tsk. my saturday is filled too. My hk 102 is Ballroom, ugh. meaning i'll be dancing with a male partner and wear a dress. tsk, i hope it'll be fun. haha.

Did you notice ? i have a new Template ! again :D and its already version seven ! woohoo, and my banner still and will always features BigBang ! why ? cause i'll be a forever and loyal VIP. btw, Big Bang is the only thing i love about Kpop :) cause their music stands out from the rest, and em pretty sure a kpop fan will agree with me. so what do you think bout my new template ? i just modified some images and colors, the basecodes is from Lauren of Nymphont.com :D

25 November 2010

SEVENTEEN @ 1126'10

if you are wondering bout my title, well it's my Birthday ! :025: haha. now im officially seventeen :) aah ! em getting older. tsk. i dont wanna get old, being old is so difficult, yer responsibilities keeps on increasing, yer usual cute face turns to big matured face. aa, but we have to face it, but come to think of it, you can do whatever you want to do, you can go to places without yer parents, you wont cry anymore if yer away from them, and you got to earn yer own money :028: haha. sounds fun right ? hehe

well, em not really a party person, so i wont celebrate it, instead em gonna go shopping, and yess my parents will give me cash ! i already bought some accessories online, new shoes, and i'll just treat my friends with snacks :002:

i'll update this post tomorrow for some pictures && stories :DD ciao ! em going to bed ooh, i already received some greetings my friends and classmates, and it kinda makes me more excited even thoug em not going to throw a party XD haha

by the way i received some gift from crystal ! thanks

i didnt got the chance to open my Facebook account on my birthday, luckily, i was free today so i opened it :) and i was shock that my wall was filled with greetings :D i was like em so touched ! superb ! thanks guys, there are more screen shots, but em too lazy to post them all :D haha

affiliates thanks for the greetings too i had so much fun on my birthday :) everyone greeted me, even my crushes. haha, i was so " kilig " :D haha .

15 November 2010

Defense of the Ancient

do you play DotA ? :022: well Im pretty sure half or one fourth of the population of teenage boys plays this game. And it has been one of the reasons why couples fight or break up, why ? well according to the boys..

and this video from youtube, is being viewed by thousands of girls and ofcourse boys.

maybe this video is for boys to realize that dont ignore or avoid them just to play DotA.

both sounds reasonable right ? haha :003: and the reasons why some girls also plays DotA is to seek revenge :022: or just curious why a lot of teenagers are hooked to this game, and thats why im playing this game cause em so curious. and since i dunno anything bout that game i asked for my brothers help and i did some little research about a certain hero i wanna use, his skills && etc. and guess what im sort of uhm addicted to itt, pero little lang :026: and that is what keeping me from updating, tagging && commenting, and because of that i am truly sorry :020:

have you noticed ? im using smileys again :017: is it cute ? haha.

image - photobucket.com
video - youtube.com

04 November 2010

Stay Connected :)

Sorry for the late update guys, for the unreplied comments and tags, i was just busy doing another layout, unfortunately i lost my codes, and decided to make a new one. so this is my new layout, still features Big Bang, and its already version six :) my sixth layout ! wee. so what do you think about it ? im kinda satisfied with it, but i was more satisfied with the layout i was making before this, tsk. and about my christmas layout, well i lost it too. TT
since i want to use a layout that is simple and ofcourse made by me, i surf the net looking for some tuts, images & fonts. Luckilyi found some helpful sites, and the result is my new layout, im kinda disapointed the two columns, it should be separated, but nah, haha.

so about the title, yeah, we should all stay connected. so please do follow me in:


i'll follow back, i promise :))

November 04, 2010 - it's TOP (Choi Seung Hyun) Birthday :) if you dont know him, well he's a member of BIGBANG ! haha. have you watched his movie 71--into the fire ? it was a great movie, it was filled with action and drama at the same time :))

i dont want to make this post long so, toodles :) em gonna bloghop na :D

24 October 2010

Happy Halloween !

Sorry for the late update, its been like two weeks right? tsk. been very busy with school stuffs as usual. exams are still on going, since its already finals, em gonna give my best !, wish me goodluck guys :) ooh, halloween is so near :) and so does my birthday, guys dont forget my birthday huh ? its on november 26, haha. i know its still far away, em just reminding :DD

i was going to use my halloween-ish layout today, but it kinda looks crappy, and since halloween is near, and were having our exam, em not going to use it anymore, cause i dont have enough time to tweak it again. tsk, maybe a christmas layout perhaps ? haha :D

sembreak is already here, so em gonna spend it studying && blogging :D haha. again, as usual :)
bloghopping, i'd better return all those tags && comments :DD

16 October 2010

Ghost and Supernatural

It was quarter to four in the afternoon, i was in the library. the sky was getting pretty dark, we thought it'll rain hard, then suddenly strong winds slammed all the windows closed. then the lights went on and off. right after that theres was a loud "BOOOOOM", then later we discovered it was the transformer on the streets, something went wrong i guess :D then rain begun to fall. I was effin bored so i decided to read again, then i found this book [above] entitle " the world of ghost and the supernatural". it was a compilation of popular ghost stories, mysteries, bout vampires and etc around the globe, the famous amytiville. i had goosebumps while reading it. haha.

Do you believe in any of these ? :DD
ooh. i just noticed, i already have 53 followers :D yay xD haha.
thanks for following me guys :]]

11 October 2010

I dont understand

HEYYA guys. i made a new blog ! and its in pink :D haha. ive been thinking about it, and now i have it :D i made it today. i spend 3 hours in designing && coding. wooh. and im kinda exhausted but very happy :D check it out, and judge it :)) at first i ahte pink, now em using it. i really dont understand my self now.

and about my title, im kinda confused with my behaviors. i get mad easily, i always sleep, i dont want to talk to everybody, if someone dares to talk to me, i suddenly shout at them, then when their gone i said to myself "what are you doing?" ugh. and because of this my mom and dad got pretty mad at me. mm. but i always ask for forgiveness to god everynight before i go to sleep.

goodnight :DD

08 October 2010

Copy & Follow are different

Nowadays, some pinoys are criticizing some artists for singing an upbeat song that has lots of autotunes and for doing music videos that has the kpop feel in it. some pinoy says that they have no originality, theyre copycats, and they are nothing but a bunch of crap. For me they arent copying, theyre just simply following the latest trends in music, remember time runs fast and nobody wants to be left behind and keeps on listening to old songs with different versions, right ? so let's just listen to their song and try to appreciate it :)

em deciding on just posting short entries :D haha. and thats because of my laziness & actually em really busy doing school stuffs :D

02 October 2010

Sunset Glow

Wearing my usual outfit,
waiting for you in the garden
one minute passed, you arrived
with my favorite flower
you slowly handed it to me
kissed my forehead,
and you lead the way to yer car.

We arrived at the beach,
at the back of yer car,
you held my hand,
and as the sun sets
these words suddenly came out
of yer mouth,

" You always had glow on yer face, so i thought
you should be mine, Will you marry me? "

K R R I N G G G !

Stupid alarm clock ! UGH ! anyways, the dream i had was kinda blurry so the garden and the flower thingy was made up :D but the beach and those words felt so real. HAHA :D i wish it'll happen in reality, someday. I dont want to marry at young age xD haha.

Pre Finals are over, but unfortunately FINALs is on his way. tsk. so i will be busy studying, so i hope you'll understand if i'll return all yer tags and comments late xD

by the way, the line he said to me is from the lyrics of Big Bang's Always. except the marry me part :)

25 September 2010

Overflowing Happiness

well, i have a new layout ! yay. i was supposed to use this layout last week, but laziness attacked me. haha. well, i added some new shade, and its pink ! haha. and my banner still features Big Bang, well, im sure some of you are aware that im an avid fan of Big Bang :D well, what do you think? is okay?

September 2010 we celebrated the " Medical Technology Week at Pilar college. I thought there were 3 or more other schools will join, unfortunately no, there were only two, UZ & Brent . Well, me and my classmates had fun, the first activity we had was the quiz bee, which our school won then we had lunch together then we had games, there were lots of games, which all medtech students joined. it was fun. but when i got home i was kinda out of breath. and the following day, i was rushed to the hostpital. haha. and its all because of my d*mn asthma ! tsk. anyways, im okay now :))

we had to make a soap and a commercial for our chemistry. which we succeed, and now all we need to do is the commercial. this was the last activity ive done after i was rushed to the hospital. we had a great time making the soap, in fact at first we were all excited about it. haha. everybody helped, and so we succeed ! yay !

its me (in white) and anie (in red). this is part of the medtech week celebration. in here we were shooting our commercial. haha. we had many NG's and its because of anie, who keeps laughing everytime the the camera turns to her direction. haha.

i dont want to make this post very long, so it ends here :))

16 September 2010

Dream && Achieve

Guess what I'm a Daydreamer ! haha. everytime when im alone in a quiet place, i tend to daydream. sometimes my are dreams are unrealistic and realistic, since im the dreamer i can make the ending great, so i ended my dreams with happy ending, which drives me to study hard, so i can graduate, pass the board exam, i even wanted to top the board exam haha, and to have a stable job. which everyone wants too. Since i have a long way to go, can somebody lend me some pair of wings? haha. but i dont think theres a shortcut to success. so nevermind xD

my body is tired right now, and its because of school works. so many things to do. well, i guess that is the life of a college student right ? haha. right now im trying to finish some projects, which a BIG help from the members will be greatly appreciated and for sure it will make our work faster.

and for those who commented on my last post, i just wanna say I AM SO OVER HIM ! haha.

10 September 2010

He Loves Me not

(via TFN)

he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me NOT !

yeah, been liking to a nursing student, but im not really sure if its Love, all i know is that i want to see him everyday, he's face is always on mind, it makes me " kilig " when he's texting me & when he's near him, all of a sudden i become quiet, and i can't even look straight into he's eyes ! haha, so what do you think? love or infatuation ? xD

but now, i want to forget him, cause i think it's impossible that we'll be together, if i keep on hoping and wishing, i might get hurt in the end, see what i mean ? TT so now, em just gonna focus my mind and heart to my studies, cause i want to be in the top three in my subjects again cause that's the only thing i can give my parents :)

fangirl ! yeah, i know everyone of you are aware of 2ne1's comeback, they just released the full album, and as expected they topped all charts in korea and even in japan. then after 2ne1's comeback, for sure BigBang's comeback will be the talk of the town, it'll be EPIC xD

30 August 2010


August 28, 2010 - Literary Contest. we were all exhausted but all our hard work was paid off, we won in all literary contest including speech choir, except in "Talumpati", we won 2nd place only, but anyways we were all overwhelmed with the results, we concluded that 2010 is the year of the MedTech. Nobody cheered for us, there were, but only our trainers and teachers. the seniors and juniors werent there either, they were busy doing their stuffs. anyway, WE WON !

We had a little tour, dedicated to our two malaysian classmates, named Yen and Anie both in black hijab as shown in the picture above :) we went to pasonanca. then after that to my house, cause that day we were celebrating tetuan's fiesta. we had a great time together.

The little girl in the middle is me :) haha. can you imagine, in that pic im so effin small, and now im in college? time flies so fast. well, being a college student is hard and at the same time AWESOME. haha. i never knew that i'll feel this kind of thing. i never knew that i'll be using handbags, going o the library everyday. haha. i keep doing stuffs i dont actually do in high school xD

i love chocolates, i ate that all ALONE :) haha well, i dont want to make this post long long xD haha. i just LOVE college right now :)

21 August 2010

school stuffs - cool stuffs?

Never mind the title, so premid was over. the exams were somehow easy, i didnt get any failing grades and i didnt have any "7" in my grades too. i was very happy, actually i was expecting that. keke ~ so i ranked no. 1 in Chemistry 1 Lecture & in Bio Sci Lab. i was overwhelmed, and it makes me wanna study harder. Actually in Bio Sci i got 100%, isnt that awesome, i was so surprised with the results. and because of that my mom bought me a new phone, samsung c3303k, its easy to use, i can go online anytime and it looks cute :)

And now, Midterm is here, this time i doubt that i'll ranked no. 1 again, cause i failed in three quizzes, and i feel horrible. tsk. my only hope is the exam, i'll o my best, please pray for me ;)

BIGBANG and the VIPs celebrated their 4th anniversary yesterday. 081910 ! 4 years of great music. since i dont have any money to give them some presents, i just help the other VIPs to trend #bigbang4ever and BIGBANG on twitter, which topped the TT list, second and ninth place. I just wanna say I'm a PROUD VIP. BIGBANG is the only group i liked in korea, their music is different from what youve been hearing now, haha. Geniuses !

em not gonna make this post long, so bubye :)

07 August 2010

I miss you all :)

WHOA! i havent blogged for one month! and i kinda feel bad about it. i let my blog die. But anyways, im back. so back :) im also back with a new layout, and as always my layout is inspired by bigbang :)

i miss everything about blogging. i super duper missed the blogosphere. i miss my fellow bloggers. i miss commenting on their posts, i miss tagging and talking with them :) i just miss everything about blogging so much.

my first day in school was great. after one week, me and my classmates are already close together and were the noisiest students ever. the program chair already gave us a warning. haha. it feels nice to be medtech student cause they think yer smart and when they say such things like "wow", "for sure they're all smart", etc. you kinda feel tall and proud. but at the same time pressured, medtech is not an easy course, since were still in the first year level, were not that pressured yet. well, we had our pre med exam last july, i passed all subjects, no failures ! and the midterm examination will be on the 3rd week of august. mm, right now im kinda exhausted, everyday we have quizzes, meaning you have to study every night to avoid a failing grade. haha. thats what im doing now thats why i cant blog for the past weeks. and im so so sorry about that.

i have a crush ! yeah, before i had two but now only one. haha. my first crush was a 3rd year radtech student, his looks kinda resembles mark herras, but what made me admire him is that his bag was orange and also his portfolio. haha. unfortunately he knew, and also my classmates and now my math teacher! ugh. now his head kinda "lumaki", so i stopped liking him. but i needed an inspiration, and i found one! haha. a 3rd year nursing student. he's the cousin of my classmate, my classmate keeps on talking about him saying he's godd and etc. at first i liked his eyes and now i like everything about him. hahaha. and one time he smiled and waved at me. i was like OMG! haha.

i wont make this post super long so, it ends here. till the next entry.

27 June 2010


So yea, em on a semi hiatus! So sorry for not replying to all yer tags and comments. I'll be back soon xD and to my affies please dont remove me :) Em having a hard time balancing my schedule, so i'll be gone for a week or two :) em gonna fix it so, bye for now :( i'll be on twitter, lets just all talk there xD

This is the only Japanese song sang by a Japanese artists that i LOVE!

music player removed :)

ここにいるよ (Koko ni iru yo)

*Baby boy, watashi wa koko ni iru yo, doko mo ikazu ni matteru yo
You know dat I love you dakara koso, shinpai shinakute ii n da yo
donna ni tooku ni ite mo kawaranai yo, kono kokoro
iitai koto wakaru desho?
anata no koto matteru yo (matteru yo)

bukiyou na ore, tooku ni iru kimi
tsutaetai kimochi sono mama iezuni, kimi wa icchimatta
ima ja nokosareta kimi wa ARUBAMU no naka
denpa de shika aenai hibi, takedo mienai ze kimi no hohoemi
kimi no nukumori kami no kaori, kono nodo no kawaki wa sono mama mitasarezu ni
sugiteku hibi no naka nanda ka kimi no omokake hitasura sagashita
kimi to yoku aruita ano michi wa, ima ore dake no ashioto ga hibiteita
n na koto yori omae no hou wa genki ka? chanto meshi kutteru ka?
chikushou, yappa ie nee ya
mata kondo okuru yo, ore kara no Letter


kamakura no sunahama de mita kimi no sugata, nami ni nomareta kimi ni iitai kotoba
nandaka MAJI setsu ne~ otoko na no ni nande...kotoba deteko ne~ ya
oboetemasu ka? kimi to itta KARAOKE no naka
ore ga irareta kyoku no kotoba MONITA- ikanda mama
honto wa kimi ni tsutaeta katta
kimi to futari kiri de hajimete machiawase wo shita ano hi
arude guuzen ni attaka no you ni hashagi
hohoemu kimi ga wasurerarenai tte
hanashi kanari sore chimatta ga wakaru yo na? ore ga iitai kotoba
Shit nokori kaku basho ga nee ya
gomen, tsugi wa zettai ni okuru kara


ore ga motto kanemochi dattara, motto matomo na shigoto wo shite tara
moshimo subete gisei ni dekita no nara, ore wa zettai ni kimi wo...
da ga Please kanchigai dake wa sunna, kimi ni sabishii omoi wa sasetaku ne~ ga
isogashii naka anma hanase ne~ ga
baby believe kore wa all for our future
But shoujiki, ima sugu kimi to aitai, ima sugu dakishimete yaritai
mukashi, kimi ga ore no tonari de suwatteta seki ni wa, mou daremo inai tte...
ma~, sonna koto wa ii n da, iitai koto wa sonna n ja ne~ nda
imasara da ga, zutto iitakatta kotoba wo kome okuru Unsent letter

Baby girl, watashi was koko ni iru yo, doko mo ikazu ni matteru yo
You know dat I love you dakara koso, shinpai shinakute ii n da yo
donna ni tooku ni ite mo kawaranai yo, kono kokoro
iitai koto wakaru desho?
anata no koto matteru yo

Baby boy, watashi wa koko ni iru yo, doko mo ikazu ni matteru yo
You know I love you dakara koso, shinpai shinakute ii n da yo
donna ni tooku ni ite mo kawaranai yo, kono kokoro
ima nara sunao ni ieru yo
I don't eva wanna let you go

But em still a VIP, i'll love BigBang Forever ! their japanese single will always be my fave xD specially let me hear your voice and tell me goodbye xD

12 June 2010

Orientaion day !

So we had our orientation last Tuesday, the speakers were surprised that many students took MedTech, same with RadTech and Respi blah. keke ~ but no one can beat the number of students who took up Nursing. so, they said everything bout our course, the rules, proper uniform & something that will erased our doubts about MedTech, i was pretty convinced, but somethings are still bothering me, and one is my math subject. ugh. but i know God is always there! Help me Lord.

So at first i bought some bag pack, cause im not used in shoulder bag or whatever, but i imagine myself wearing a slacks, blouse and heels, i was like O.o whoa! that cant be, so my mom bought me another bag, Cose, this wont be my first shoulder bag, it cost P795, and i also bout a sling bag, which is in right now, it cost P375 only, and my bagpack is pretty expensive, cause i was the one who bought it, got the money from my savings, anyway, it cost P570. I decided to use it during my PE class nalang xD sayang. keke.

i received an award from JHEN ! thanks Jhen, woohoo another award!
So i wont be around for the next week, cause our class will begin on monday, but i'll make sure, that i'll return all yer tags and comments ! take care xD

08 June 2010

Something Special

" He Loved me cause he thought I was her "
I made a NEW Twitter Account, please follow me, promise i'll follow you back !

So i visited my Pedia last Monday, cause of my asthma, its been bothering me since last week, i cant get enough sleep & my eye bags are getting bigger. Then my pedia said that its just not an asthma but nocturnal asthma, meaning my asthma occurs mostly at night and during dawn. So my pedia prescribe me lots of medicines, and i have to drink it everyday, since im used to it, im not having problem taking them all at once. btw i was with my mommy :D

TADAH! This is my first time giving an award, so im giving this to Bubbles, Clarcy, Eun, Faith, Jeanu, Jhen, Jose, Aehlyn, Rhea, Rose, Shekinah, Rin, Fiel Kun, Bubbles, Noriza, Kristina & Paola I think their Blog is cool. I made this award last night, it was almost midnight, that's why its a bit crappy :)
And im also giving gifts for the first time to some of my blogger friends who keeps on talking and commenting on my post :D and i love talking to them. Please dont judge my gifts, i made it last night. please do accept it XD i know its just a simple gift :D i'll make it prettier next time.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


so i bought the latest issue of Candy Mag. i love reading it cause it features some stuffs every incoming freshman college. Its worth reading, for sure you'll love it. And the Cover of this june issue is no other than Rob Pattinson, and when you flip it, Jacob's face will appear. keke ~

btw, dont mind that phrase up there ;PP
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