31 March 2010

my graduation day && graduation party (:

want to see more graduation pics? click this :)

YEA! im a new graduate :) a graduate from zamboanga city high school main. i graduated last tuesday :D a very memorable day for me and for my classmates and best friends. and now im outta that school, so long city high, im gonna miss my high school life, super :( im gonna miss my best friends. good thing our signing of clearance is not yet done, i got to spend some time with my best friends. yey! on the day of our grad, me and my best fiends cried, just because of raymond lauchenco's song farewell. ugh, so sad :( and finally im not gonna pretend anymore that im okay with her and her, i cant forget what theyve done to me, lol. plastic lg aco sa kanila and also my best friends. haha. but nah. keke

want to see my graduation party pics? click this :D

i had a great party, my family was there and so was my best friends except anna, she didnt come cause she was also hosting her party, tsk. but, nah, i enjoyed the night, i had fun eating, chatting and taking some pictures with my guests. my guests were only few, but the almost finished all the food. hahaha. thanks to my mom, dad, grandpa's && aunts. , becuase of them i had my party :D

to all who just graduated and already graduated, congrats and goodluck!

25 March 2010

goodbye smartbro, hello dsl :D

so yea, im back. iive been gone for almost 3 weeks? ugh. i really hate it when i cant go online, cause i really dont want to get "unupdated"! but now im back. well, the reason i went offline is that my mom finally decided to switch to dsl. so yea. were using dsl now, so we already have internet connection, meaning i'll be updated from now on.

so, our graduation practice is already finished, but the signing of clearance is not yet done, we didnt eve started doing that. keke. so tomorrow will be our recognition day, im not expecting to receive some award, cause ive been very lazy to join organizations && contests, cause im very very shy. but my teacher in research ii is giving me an award, SA, ugh, i dont want that award cause it means that im like "his pet". tsk. for me. kekek.

our graduation day will be on march 30, i really cant wait. im so gonna miss my best friends, classmates, some school mates && my long time LOVE. keke.
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