29 April 2010

So far, So good !

kung ako lang si eslove, hindi ko lang itutuk ang knife, saksakin ko talaga ung tricia na un, kainis. ang plastic niya. sayang kulang na sila joe at shey !

so i had my nails done. lol. my nails are so short, cause i dont want long nails. cause of many reasons. lol. so its colorful. i decided to color my nails just to kill the time when its brownout. cause i get bored easily. i need to do some stuffs to keep me from sleeping. well, even if its hot, my brain tends to shutdown when im bored. kyah~ i also colored my toe nails too, and its colorful :) keke.

Last time i posted some of me recent pictures with my new hairstyle. but i forgot to post the before picture :D so here it is, my hair is still long with my cousin julia. i wonder why my hair looks black on cam, cause actually my hair is brown-ish. well, maybe my phone's cam isn't that good. hehe. moonkitty && shekina here it is ~

Im sure (now) that everybody, suju fans & specially the Gengchul / HanChul fans what Heechul wrote on his mini hompy bout someone who is close to him, well, Heechul didnt actually said who he was referring to, but it was pretty obvious that he was talking about Hangeng. What he wrote was very touchyy, it moved me. Hope SME will fix any problem they have with Hangeng.

So there are many korean artists are going to make their comeback this may, whatta busy may. so Gummy already released her mv, the song was really nice, the storyline and Kim Hyun Joong, so handsome! keke ~ im liking 2am and mblaq even more, at first i just like their music but now i like them as a group, super. specially Changmin of 2am, Seungho & Thunder of mblaq >.< kpop idols speaking english, no offense, but it was really hilarious, super keke ~

The final trailer for the movie eclipse, the third installation of stephanie meyers movel is out! so cool. so im expecting a lot in this movie, i read all four books, and i was a bit disappointed with twilight and new moon, but i hope this will be great :D team edward ~

22 April 2010

It's Gone ~ yeah!

so yea. lewl, i keep laughing at my title, " It's Gone ", actually my old hairstyle is gone, i change it already, its a bit shorter and its kinda layered, dunno :D according to my memory i havent posted any photos of me here in my blog. so here are some recent pictures and with my new hair style. im not pretty, so please dont judge :) okay? kekeke

and also connected to my title, G-Dragon, the LEADER of the BigBang released his " She's Gone " screen projection. GD in there looked so freaking HOT with all the smoke, knife and chasing :) and ofcourse after the release, the controversies came, that its no longer worth watching for the minors & violent. But for me its really great to watch, its so cool and unique. i didnt get discourage when i saw GD smoking in the vid, and he just smoked fo 3 secs only?! mm. but i was a bit surprised, that kbs didnt ban GD's MV, while they banned Lee hyori's MV which was worth watching also. want to watch the MV? here it is.
see what i mean? so HOT isnt it :) cant wait for the other members to release their solo singles :D

well, ive been in youtube this past few weeks, been watching korean movies, dramas and music videos. i finished watching Jenny, Juno (got that from kuya fiel kun :D), 1oo days with mr arrogant, almost all variety shows where BigBang were their guests, WINDSTRUCK and finally im done watching " The CLASSIC ". windstrcuk and the classic made me cry big time.

well, i got nothing to say anymore. btw, im making a new layout for my blog, and it will be up soon. i just feel so random, mm, i want to sign up in blogskins, i want to share some of me layouts. but i really got no time right now, vey busy with my upcoming college life :D

~ paola tagged me :D

1. Give a top 10 list of the things that makes you happy:

1. High Grades.
2. Animals.
3. veggies.
4. jogging every morning.
5. when God answers my prayers.
6. new friends.
7. new gadgets.
8. bonding with my family.
9. watch movies everyday,.
10. reading novels.

2. Give a top 5 list of trivia about yourself.
1. i hate my other relatives :D
2. upcoming college student.
3. im chubby,
4. i love big bang.
5. grilled pork chop is love.

3. Share the award with only 5 persons and ask them to do the same thing.


4. Link the blog of the person who awarded you.
paola !!


15 April 2010

FanGirl ~ KPOP !

I got hooked to KPOP because of Se7en (Choi Dong Wook), i heard his song playing as abackground music on audtion ph an online game. But i wasnt that hooked yet until i accidentally watched Arirang, and BIGBANG's Documentary was airing, and SO-1 was still there. i got interested / intrigued so i googled them. then boom. i i fell inLOVE with them. after that ive been listening to BIGBANG's songs, been watching them perform live & on variety shows, ive been downloading their songs, actually i listen to their songs almost everyday I got really ADDICTED to BigBang. IM A VIP

then came Wonder Girls, i really enjoy listening to their catchy song Tell Me, was once a hit songs way back then :tawa: i LOVE WONDERBANG, i prefer BigBang pairing up with Wonder Girls than 2NE1. Because i want to see 2NE1 and 2PM collab !! and im a WOODARA shipper isnt that cute? keke

2NE1 is so different from other korean girl groups, becasue of the fact that thier GENRE is HIpHop, thats why netizens out there can't COMPARE 2NE1 from SNSD nore WonderGirls 2NE1 is such a unique group. and their very proud that BigBang is their SUNBAE or senior :tawa: Sometimes i think that because of 2NE1, specifically DARA, KPOP is now popular here in the philipines. OH, and dont forget the clothing of 2ne1 is super cool && expensive keke.

Im not used in "posting" long post, so im gonna summarize the rest :weirdo:

So im also a fan of Super Junior, specially Yesung, Si Won, Han Kyung & Dong Hae. i really Love :itslove: Ye Sung's voice to the max!

Also a fan of 2PM. JunSu, WooYoung, NickHun & JaeBeom Too bad Jay will go solo :lungkot:

I idolize Shinee too, JONGKEY is cute. After School is such a HOT group. FT ISLAND and CNBLUE, can't forget HongKi && Jung Hwa on you're beautiful And also Mblaq && ZE:A who recently debuted. Mblaq's LeeJoon is so yummy :weirdo: their leader is so talented, THUNDER and Mir are so adorable && GO's voice so freakin sweet. ZE:A's Mazeltove dance move on the part where they sang mazeltove...monday, tuesday... is so COOL

here are some photoshopped / edited pictures of them :D thanks to google for the images and brusheezy for the brushes

what ya think? :masaya:

12 April 2010

New Layout && update :)

yay. so, i have a new layout, its still orange-y. i love it, though im not satisfied with the banner, just little. yea. bout the banner, i got the images from google.com thanks :D keke. i started to make the layout earlier this morning and finished it on lunchtime :D what ya think bout my new layout? is it okay?

so, ive been jogging every morning with my cousin samantha at the grandstand. we started jogging last saturday at 6am in the morning, and went home at 7am, cause the sun is already up and its getting hot :D my goal is to lose weight before the school will start again :)

ive finally decided on what course i'll be taking, and its medtech ! mm. please pay for me :) keke.

06 April 2010

SO confused && exhausted

CONFUSED, cause right now i still can't decide whether i'll be taking medtech or dentistry. Last week i was 100% sure, that i'll be taking medtech, but right after my grandpa told me that he got the third place in board/licensing exam (in DENTISTRY), i was like WHOA! so cool, that explains how he got his own clinic and got lots of well known friends. he also told me that dentistry is really nice, i feel like he was convincing me to take up dentistry, so i told him that mom cant handle the expenses, then he answered back that he was the boss and that sa practice, dun na daw ung mahal ang gastos ~ lol taglish :D. and right now im so confused, i would love to take up both medtech and dentistry. tsk.

EXHAUSTED, signing of clearance was HELL! superr. my head aches, my legs and the color of my lower arm and upper arm are not the same anymore. lewl. umitim aco! tsk. but finally, i got all the signatures i needed, now all i have to do is wait for my report card , erm, oh tomorrow. YESS! finally im done!

im deciding that i'll be making some blogskins :)

03 April 2010

im enjoying my summer vacation :D

yep. the title says it all, im so enjoying my summer vacation, even though me and my family haven done any outdoor activities. well, right now we're still making some changes in our house, im still preparing for my college, i fixed my blog and i can surf the net all day. maybe next week, we're going to the beach, ugh, i prefer swimming pool than beach :D

yay. i got a new layout :D its a bit pixelled :D heh, i did it on adobe photoshop :) i read some tutorial about pixelling in some pixel sites or blogs. i was inspired, then i tried making one, and now using it :) what ya think? is it okay?

during the black saturday, i got really tired, but thats okay, we all have to make some sacrifice like jesus did. the sacrifice i amde was paid off a bit, cause i saw few of my elementary classmates && lots of cute boys :D kekeke

yay, BIGBANG is coming back this summer, and so does WonderGirls, i really missed wonder bang !
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