22 April 2010

It's Gone ~ yeah!

so yea. lewl, i keep laughing at my title, " It's Gone ", actually my old hairstyle is gone, i change it already, its a bit shorter and its kinda layered, dunno :D according to my memory i havent posted any photos of me here in my blog. so here are some recent pictures and with my new hair style. im not pretty, so please dont judge :) okay? kekeke

and also connected to my title, G-Dragon, the LEADER of the BigBang released his " She's Gone " screen projection. GD in there looked so freaking HOT with all the smoke, knife and chasing :) and ofcourse after the release, the controversies came, that its no longer worth watching for the minors & violent. But for me its really great to watch, its so cool and unique. i didnt get discourage when i saw GD smoking in the vid, and he just smoked fo 3 secs only?! mm. but i was a bit surprised, that kbs didnt ban GD's MV, while they banned Lee hyori's MV which was worth watching also. want to watch the MV? here it is.
see what i mean? so HOT isnt it :) cant wait for the other members to release their solo singles :D

well, ive been in youtube this past few weeks, been watching korean movies, dramas and music videos. i finished watching Jenny, Juno (got that from kuya fiel kun :D), 1oo days with mr arrogant, almost all variety shows where BigBang were their guests, WINDSTRUCK and finally im done watching " The CLASSIC ". windstrcuk and the classic made me cry big time.

well, i got nothing to say anymore. btw, im making a new layout for my blog, and it will be up soon. i just feel so random, mm, i want to sign up in blogskins, i want to share some of me layouts. but i really got no time right now, vey busy with my upcoming college life :D

~ paola tagged me :D

1. Give a top 10 list of the things that makes you happy:

1. High Grades.
2. Animals.
3. veggies.
4. jogging every morning.
5. when God answers my prayers.
6. new friends.
7. new gadgets.
8. bonding with my family.
9. watch movies everyday,.
10. reading novels.

2. Give a top 5 list of trivia about yourself.
1. i hate my other relatives :D
2. upcoming college student.
3. im chubby,
4. i love big bang.
5. grilled pork chop is love.

3. Share the award with only 5 persons and ask them to do the same thing.


4. Link the blog of the person who awarded you.
paola !!



  1. Sis sana nagpost ka ng before and after na haircut :P :)


  2. Thanks for greeting me.

    I like the picture, you're so pretty. :) GD is.. so HOT! :| but I like TOP more. ♥ o_o

    Thanks for the tag. *u*

  3. @ kitty - ou nga nuh. lewl.

    @ bia - np :d hehe. yea. lewl.

  4. cute pictures of yers. aww. GD is hot :D hehe

  5. thanks for the tag, did it already but not finished yet because of my stupid internet connection :/

  6. I wanna see your before and after picture hekhek xD Cute ka sis :D

    Grabe. You supah like GD talaga haha xD

    I am outdated already kainis. WIll watch this.

    You have watch windstruck already. Nkakaiyak yon :( You should watch My sassy girl prequel ng Windstruck yun :D :D

  7. Ay ako din request din ako sis ng before and after. Stay Pretty. xo

  8. @ casey - aaa :D too bad.

    @ jeanu - okay. okay sis :d keke. super. as in.

    @ shekina - oks sis. keke

    @isparcle - heh. thanks.


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