12 April 2010

New Layout && update :)

yay. so, i have a new layout, its still orange-y. i love it, though im not satisfied with the banner, just little. yea. bout the banner, i got the images from google.com thanks :D keke. i started to make the layout earlier this morning and finished it on lunchtime :D what ya think bout my new layout? is it okay?

so, ive been jogging every morning with my cousin samantha at the grandstand. we started jogging last saturday at 6am in the morning, and went home at 7am, cause the sun is already up and its getting hot :D my goal is to lose weight before the school will start again :)

ive finally decided on what course i'll be taking, and its medtech ! mm. please pay for me :) keke.


  1. Gawd the header is just so adorable because of the BOYS? haha. me loves that boy group.nice nice. improving hah!I like the way you put those brushed.ELEGANT!

    hey goodluck on your course!

  2. I think the theme is cool. especially the banner.:D

    whoa! medtech. goodluck. :)

  3. nice layout sis:)

    good luck for your course sis.. i heard it's bloody.. but i will be taking that too.. hehe

  4. still orange-y. :) XD i love it. :">

  5. I love the new layout! Orange love <3
    Wow! Glad that you finally decided on what course you'll be taking. Goodluck!

  6. @ jeanu - lol cause of the BB boys? aww. thanks :D

    @ joyce - thanks :D keke.

    @ eden - thanks :d keke. cool. goodluck to you :D

  7. @ bia - thanks :D

    @ KC - thanks. yea. finally :D

  8. kekekeke~ left comment oso^^
    ur new layiie's pretty cute! heheh..big bang!

  9. Love your new layout! simply like the colours :)

  10. I wish I could go jog as well. Hehehe. :D

  11. heya ~ cute layout there :D


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