06 April 2010

SO confused && exhausted

CONFUSED, cause right now i still can't decide whether i'll be taking medtech or dentistry. Last week i was 100% sure, that i'll be taking medtech, but right after my grandpa told me that he got the third place in board/licensing exam (in DENTISTRY), i was like WHOA! so cool, that explains how he got his own clinic and got lots of well known friends. he also told me that dentistry is really nice, i feel like he was convincing me to take up dentistry, so i told him that mom cant handle the expenses, then he answered back that he was the boss and that sa practice, dun na daw ung mahal ang gastos ~ lol taglish :D. and right now im so confused, i would love to take up both medtech and dentistry. tsk.

EXHAUSTED, signing of clearance was HELL! superr. my head aches, my legs and the color of my lower arm and upper arm are not the same anymore. lewl. umitim aco! tsk. but finally, i got all the signatures i needed, now all i have to do is wait for my report card , erm, oh tomorrow. YESS! finally im done!

im deciding that i'll be making some blogskins :)


  1. how about asking signs???
    well when i have some uncertainties.. i always ask God to give me signs.
    why don't you try it :)

  2. I think it's really cool to take up dentistry. =) but.. it's really up to you. :) Good Luck and take your time deciding. *u*

  3. @ rheiyahpo - hmm, im gonna try it :D hope it can answer :D

    @ binkaa - hmm, i should? thanks :D

  4. we're having the same problem here .
    Dapat dun ka sa una mong nagustuhan like me , babalik ako sa IT. un talaga first choice ko eeh tas mag take na rin ako MMA :)
    Pero hindi ko masabe eh. iakw lang makakaalam nyan. Pray ka kay God. ung ginagawa ko ngayon :D

  5. if you'd ask me, better take dentistry :) kasi mabilis ka yayaman jan :))) =)) hahahaha

  6. @ jeanu - thanks :D okay, pray lang ako ng pray kay god :D

    @ kitty - tama nu. haha.

  7. samin nmn, before graduation kelangan mtapos n yung clearance n yan kc kng ndi di ka mkkgraduate tlga. ehe kea aftr nung graduation nmin aun ok na lhat cards nlng :D
    medtech and dentistry? wow, bigatin ah. wla ata nun d2 sa place nmin .haha goodluck nlng kng ano ung kukunin mo. :)

  8. saka ia lan tu ate DENTiSTRY :) nice pa se. lol. xDD

  9. @ cei - hehe. ganun? iba pala tau :D thanks cei :D

    @ julia - hehe. okena :D

  10. I say you take up whatever you feel would fulfill your dream. :D Hehe. Ask for a sign or something. :)

  11. Take the course that will make you happy. Mahirap kasing kumilos at gumawa ng mga bagay na hindi mo naman hilig at gusto.

    Sabi nga ng former Adviser ko. Dapat yung kukunin daw course ay yung talagang hilig at yung forte mo. Yung tipong alam mong dun ka mag-e-excel. Kasi mahirap.

    Hmm. Pray :) That will help you. God Bless.

    Ayy. Grabe. Clearance. Hell! :| Ang inet pa naman. D; Sana matapos na ang pag sign.

    Stay Pretty.

  12. @ umi - hmm. thanks :D

    @ shekinah - ya. i should :d kekek.
    hmm, yan din sabi ng isa kong teacher. yea. thanks.

  13. follow yer heart's desire :D

  14. piliin mu kung saan ka mas magaling :) haha para you can have a better future :)

  15. Hope you'll be able to decide what course to take :)
    BTW I am in love with your layout, although I am not a fan of orange. :)

  16. @ shekinah - hmm, ya. heheh :d thanks.

    @ yanka - hehe. i hope! thanks :D


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