29 April 2010

So far, So good !

kung ako lang si eslove, hindi ko lang itutuk ang knife, saksakin ko talaga ung tricia na un, kainis. ang plastic niya. sayang kulang na sila joe at shey !

so i had my nails done. lol. my nails are so short, cause i dont want long nails. cause of many reasons. lol. so its colorful. i decided to color my nails just to kill the time when its brownout. cause i get bored easily. i need to do some stuffs to keep me from sleeping. well, even if its hot, my brain tends to shutdown when im bored. kyah~ i also colored my toe nails too, and its colorful :) keke.

Last time i posted some of me recent pictures with my new hairstyle. but i forgot to post the before picture :D so here it is, my hair is still long with my cousin julia. i wonder why my hair looks black on cam, cause actually my hair is brown-ish. well, maybe my phone's cam isn't that good. hehe. moonkitty && shekina here it is ~

Im sure (now) that everybody, suju fans & specially the Gengchul / HanChul fans what Heechul wrote on his mini hompy bout someone who is close to him, well, Heechul didnt actually said who he was referring to, but it was pretty obvious that he was talking about Hangeng. What he wrote was very touchyy, it moved me. Hope SME will fix any problem they have with Hangeng.

So there are many korean artists are going to make their comeback this may, whatta busy may. so Gummy already released her mv, the song was really nice, the storyline and Kim Hyun Joong, so handsome! keke ~ im liking 2am and mblaq even more, at first i just like their music but now i like them as a group, super. specially Changmin of 2am, Seungho & Thunder of mblaq >.< kpop idols speaking english, no offense, but it was really hilarious, super keke ~

The final trailer for the movie eclipse, the third installation of stephanie meyers movel is out! so cool. so im expecting a lot in this movie, i read all four books, and i was a bit disappointed with twilight and new moon, but i hope this will be great :D team edward ~


  1. huwaw parang skittles yung kulay ng nails mo XD

  2. colorful! :D
    me too, i prefer short than long nails... dumihin kasi, haha. :))

  3. wow! cute naman ng nails mo te ♥♥ very colorful! love it<3

  4. Yeah, true nakakainis talaga si tricia. BTW, cute nails. mee too i don't like long nails..ahehe..

  5. @ fiel-kun - lol. thanks.

    @paola - yeah. tama.

    @faith - keke. thanks.

    @anonymous - moriza? hehe. correct :D

  6. We are opposite..I love Tricia! ^^ But it doesn't matter. Why I am here is to comment your post. Colorful and short fingernails though, but prefer to one color only! Yeah, I love Korean artists too!, but not that familiar all of them! I just started to love KOreans way back of Boy Over Flowers show...Anyways, nice blog! Its contents overload. Keep posting. God Bless

  7. Hehehe...You know what I really dont love the season of PBB Teens as of now! Theyre truly have a lot of violators, if they violate something its extremely big and heavy, like tha nomination conspiracy, laziness or even cant control emotions! Unlike the past seasons that as a viewer you will learn something from them! :)

    Keep posting!

    God bless Cheen!

  8. cheenkun! cute cute ng nails!ala narin si shey tsktsk..

    gwapo ni bret hehe and james!

    lapit na eclipse yehey!

  9. wow!! i love those nails..haha, so colorful..! :))

  10. Kawaii! I super love your nails & your hair.

  11. LOL i miss coloring my nails na!! kaya lang ako long nails eh. mas bagay kasi sakin. sometimes sa camera tlaga nagkakatalo lol. at wala akong kaalam alam sa mga korean group na lalaki, alam ko lng suju wahaha.
    btw dun sa unang sentence mo about sa PBB, mali naman talaga ung pinakita ni eslove kasi maraming nanonood sa knila violent masyado, tpos mkikita pa ng ibang bata.. tsk

  12. wat sbi ni heechul? i miss them na. prng la n ako blita sa suju ngaun :/ hay c tricia nga, d ko lm kng maiinis ako o mgglit.. gluck nlng s knla

  13. if i wanted to have nail polish i wanted o have a little long nails, not too long that could make hurt someone. heheh XD but if i don't have any nail polish my nails are always short. hihi XD

  14. wow cheen I uber like your nails. What is the name of the blue? I want to have it on my toes hehe

    Oooh , im outdated about the comebacksss.

    -sis got a new entry hope u can drop by :)

  15. Wow :) Your nails are so colorful :)
    I prefer shorter nails too... XD

    The blackouts are killing me too >.<
    Aww well it's not lik we can do anything about it >.<

  16. Yeah I hate tricia too. pero prang medyo kawawa na siya inside the house eh. hindi lang naman sya ang plastic. Prang I'm not liking shey na rin. Mshado nya pinapatulan ung bata.

  17. hey hey hey!
    nice nails!
    love the colors ^_^

  18. You mean minihompy? hahaha
    I miss hangeng too T___T and when I read his post I was all "thats hangeng he's talking about" and Im sure of it.

    cool nails!

  19. thanks for all the comments :D

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