29 May 2010

I'm Happy! SUPERB.

Im so happy! superb. so finally BIGBANG is making they're comeback this August! yay! after 2 years of waiting, now they're making their comeback! before that, they've been inactive in the k scene, cause they're busy with their solo activities && busy promoting their music in japan. && they also won 2 awards in MTV world blah blah. isnt that great? I SUPER LOVE BIGBANG ~ yess! LEE DeWyze is the new American Idol this season 9! yess, i love this guy, but im not a huge fan of him. i just love the way he sings & he also got some looks noh :D Boston Celtics won over Orlnado magic! yay. they are going to the finals, for sure, it will be Lakers vs Celtics :D cool. PAUL pierce did a great job. super, but i was expecting Nate Robinson to be there, but he wasnt, Rondo did a great job too :) cool. i hope Celtics will fin the finals :)

So ive been busy reading this novel, but im having a hard time finishing it cause of my house hold chores, wanna ask why im doing house hold chores? well, i want to lose weight, cause according to my aunt my face looks round! ugh. so ive been doing it for 2 weeks already. been drinking bigger lai tea every after meal. keke. lol. im so determined in losing weight. so about the novel, at the beginning it was boring, but when i got the middle chapter it became exciting, superb! i love Scarpetta, so cool :)

So everybody now is getting busy cause school days are about to begin again! im so excited at the same time im so nervous! superb! its because of my subject math! ugh! but i know God is always there, he will never leave me suffering. keke.

My crush just changed his status from single to married, and i was like :( 100 time! tsk. i feel bad cause of that and i will be going to different school. tsk. but nah. there are a lot of boys out there :D maybe i'll just wait somebody who is like Edward Cullen! cant wait to watch Eclipse the movie.

thanks to kuya jose of jigzmoreinfo.bs.com for this award! its my second time receiving an award :) and it feels good :D i hope i'll be receiving more award :D keke.

25 May 2010

Less Than Three

Sorry for the late update. Been Busy with Family problem & School. keke ~ so my stupid little cousin is so annoying. I hate her, she once ruined a perfect plan and now she ruined a family. ugh. can you believe it? credits to Sam btw :D Good thing my Aunt is still inlove with my uncle, so she wont leave him for good :) whata relief! whoo. but i still hate her, she even lied to everybody saying that she has nothing to do with it. tsk.

So My visitor Page is updated, i added some Blinkies, smileys & some cyworld characters i found in photobucket :D its like a collection. please do check it out and comment :D but no harsh comments okay? im still a noob. still learning :D

yeah! Less Than Three. ive been watching videos of NigaHiga on youtube, i know its old, but i just discovered it last sunday. keke. he's so funny & he's asian. lol. i keep on laughing everytime i watch his videos. if you havent heard of him, better check his videos out :D


So my current addiction is 2PM's Wooyoung, Junsu & Nichkhun. teehee :) so handsome right, they got the looks, talents and abs. keke ~ been listening to their songs lately. but BigBang is still the best :D


yeah. this thursday is the biggest night of all :D american idol season 09! whoo. Hope Lee DeWyze will win :D he deserved it :) i love the way he sing :D so cool !!

so, bloghopping, i better return all those tags :D

19 May 2010


i know god will never give me problem if they dont have solutions.

what to do? what to do? classes havent started yet but i already have a problem in one of my subjects! and its MATH! ugh. math math math. why do we need you so badly? so before i can take that up, there's always an entrance exam thingy about math and english, i passed english, unfortunately in math i didnt, cause i didnt answer it seriously cause the one in charge of the exams told me that it isnt part of the requirements. ugh, but when i got my schedule the teacher told me that i have to take up math plus instead of math 1 which is the subject i needed. please bear with my poor english :)) but my cousin told me that its okay, and she told me that im not alone who will take up that subject, so meaning there are also many students who didnt passed the entrance exam in math. whatta relief. so now i got my schedule && ID. im all set. but last night i cried, a lot. im really scared. super afraid bout the college thingy. good thing my mom was there, she hugged me and she told me that "dont be scared, college wont bite me" i was like LOL :D

My blog is somehow improved :D there are already navigation on the sidebar. the layout is still the same. new post. mm.

AFFIES sorry for not tagging you last two days, i was busy with my enrollment. so sorry :D

so BigBang's Tell me Goodbye music video is already out. been waiting for that, the song moved me, their looks & voice is HOT! i missed them so much. im so glad they are back, although their real comeback is scheduled on august.
MBLAQ's Y MV is already out too, so lalove their new looks especially GO, Thunder && SeungHo! i love the song, the choreo, their voices but what's up with the costume? i blame their stylist! ugh.

mm, what else? wel, so bye :) im going to bloghop muna :D take care :)

So ive been tagged by Kristina, katie, Aehlyn, Umi & Eun. thanks for tagging :D


16 May 2010

Im so excited!

yeah! im very excited. why? cause i'll be a college freshman this school opening. cant wait to jot down notes :)) im so excited to meet new friends & to see my old friends too. cant wait to see the faces o my new teachers, wonder if they're cool or drool. keke ~ havent bought any school supplies yet. tsk. im going to enroll tomorow morning. so so cant wait to get my class schedule!

YAY! fianlly ive submitted three blogskins already in blogskins already. im still noob in designing and coding, so please dont judge my skins, okay? :) take a look.

First Skin ~ bigbang is vip
Second skin ~ gloomy
Third skin ~ suju m

what ya think? is it okay? :) keke ~ please do comment, rate && if you want, fave it :D


tadah ~ this is me and my cousin camille :) photos were taken yesterday before she left for ayala :) she's an incoming sophomore student && she's taller than me, ugh. i lover her, so does my other cousins :D btw, made it with ps 7.0. im so enjoying using adobe photoshop right now :D

12 May 2010

Mixed Emotions

I feel so disappointed and sad. Disappointed cause my bet for mayor lost. His problem werent the people's votes, but he doesnt have the money to cheat even he has the money he wouldnt cheat, cause here in Zamboanga they love him. The cheating made by the re-elected (the proclamation is not done yet) mayor was "LANTARAN". Everybody knows that he cheated, for the others not to complain about this, he also helped them using his money. Almost all of his running mates got in. So my dad lost his job too, cause his boss lost.

i heard this from somewhere that the newly elected mayor said that "hindi daw siay magpapatalo sa kanya (my bet for mayor) kaya ayun, boom.

So, i have a new Layout. And im so satisfied with it. I think its nice. made it using photoshop cs2. No big change were made, only the banner and i added some patterns to those lines thingy :) google, photobucket, html/css help found on google & adobe photoshop cs2 thanks :D keke.

So i was about to submit a skin on Blogskins, its my first time, but i didnt submit it pa, cause im having problem with the back and forward code thingy, i already asked help from katie of shinieyellow, but i changed my mind, i wont put those code there anymore. Kattie thanks :D

Currently watching Art of Seduction with MBLAQ on youtube. Rain is the narrator, so love his voice :) wish i'll finish it soon.

Well, im going to make some blogskins, wish me luck :D

10 May 2010

Its a tough day

May 10, 2010. The day when we, the Filipinos are going to decide who will be the country's next Government Officials. I cant vote cause im still 6teen, but if ever, i'll vote for ERAP for president. Bobo man, pero ben grande ayuda ya dale kanamun pati ben muchu ya le kos ya se. - thats our language, chavacano. And for our Mayor here in Zamboanga, please, (i'll) vote for Mannix Dalipe, cause he's a great leader, has a lot of experience & if he'll lose i dont know what will happen with my life, my reason is, uhm, its personal, but it has something to do with my dad's job :) So Filipinos, vote wisely.

Ive been watching Idol Army season 5 with MBLAQ. From the very beginning, i keep on laughing and laughing. Right now im so so inlove with MBLAQ, this is my second time idolizing all of the members. they all have a great sense of humor, and as the show went on, the members true colors keeps on showing. All members have their own personalities & talents. The only thing they share common trait is being funny, in the show they were all acting normally, promise! try to watch it in Youtube. Me? im done watching it last night, Seungho won the " Bad Boy/Guy " title :D btw, my fave is SeungHo, so hot, so cute and very talented.

well, well, ive been a fan of westlife since 2001. I got to know them, cause of my aunt Belle, she's a fan too, were both fan. I have all their albums & concerts CD. too bad bryan withdraw from the group. But the others still manage to go on without their sexy beast according to Kian :) i miss them.

So, im sure you noticed it, uhm, you noticed about the icons. i made them all, this time using Photoshop 7.0, i haven switch to the latest ver cause oour CPU is sick lol. Anyways, im going to open a new blog, for my icons, siggies, banners and blogskins :D im still working on siggies at this moment :)

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