19 May 2010


i know god will never give me problem if they dont have solutions.

what to do? what to do? classes havent started yet but i already have a problem in one of my subjects! and its MATH! ugh. math math math. why do we need you so badly? so before i can take that up, there's always an entrance exam thingy about math and english, i passed english, unfortunately in math i didnt, cause i didnt answer it seriously cause the one in charge of the exams told me that it isnt part of the requirements. ugh, but when i got my schedule the teacher told me that i have to take up math plus instead of math 1 which is the subject i needed. please bear with my poor english :)) but my cousin told me that its okay, and she told me that im not alone who will take up that subject, so meaning there are also many students who didnt passed the entrance exam in math. whatta relief. so now i got my schedule && ID. im all set. but last night i cried, a lot. im really scared. super afraid bout the college thingy. good thing my mom was there, she hugged me and she told me that "dont be scared, college wont bite me" i was like LOL :D

My blog is somehow improved :D there are already navigation on the sidebar. the layout is still the same. new post. mm.

AFFIES sorry for not tagging you last two days, i was busy with my enrollment. so sorry :D

so BigBang's Tell me Goodbye music video is already out. been waiting for that, the song moved me, their looks & voice is HOT! i missed them so much. im so glad they are back, although their real comeback is scheduled on august.
MBLAQ's Y MV is already out too, so lalove their new looks especially GO, Thunder && SeungHo! i love the song, the choreo, their voices but what's up with the costume? i blame their stylist! ugh.

mm, what else? wel, so bye :) im going to bloghop muna :D take care :)

So ive been tagged by Kristina, katie, Aehlyn, Umi & Eun. thanks for tagging :D



  1. oh no!


    i hate math! onga naman.. ba't kelangan pa ng math? eh nakakapag bilang naman tayo.. XD

    tsaka okay lang yung mag `wrong gramming`.. hee hee. ako din naman eh.. pag nagpo-post.. halos ma-nosebleed na. XD

    buti naman madami kayong na-failed sa math. madami kang kasama. ^o^

    ohh.. haha. may ganun? college won't bite you. XD onga naman. but somehow, it's funny. XD and i know your mom's very supportive and always there to cheer you up ^_~

    and nice naman. may navigation na. hee hee. tsaka okay lang yun. we understand te life of a college student. (whew. mas lalo na kong natatakot mag college. XD)

    and oh~ MBLAQ? i love their song "Oh yeah".. since it's the only song of them that i know :))

  2. Cheen we are totally opposite! I love MATH since elementary in fact sumasali ako ng MATH Challenge Competition! Anyways count me, I am just a chat away from you though! Ndi naman ako masyado matalino pero I am interested with this subj. In fact I hate English since Elementary, I started to love this subject when I was already in college! But it doesn't mean I always commit grammatical errors though, knowing I am once a student journalist!

    I love your blog so MUCH!
    If you really want to have an interest in Math, its just a matter of studying pure formulas as well comprehension of a problem!...Dont be afraid! Okay? ^^

  3. You'll get through it sis, trust me. You can do it. Pray hard okay? Good luck!

    Math is my favorite subject before, just until I met Trigonometry. :((

  4. I know how you feel. Yung iba kong mga friends had low scores in cetain subjects kaya they'll have to go back to the basics. Nobody's perfect! Ako din kinakabahan na sa college since I'll be living with a stranger far away from home.We can do it!! :D

  5. I hate math! I'm afraid to become a college student because I'm afraid to fail a thousand times. urgh! Well, Good Luck nalang sayo sis. :)

  6. that in charge is a freak! now look what she's/he'v done. urgh. ILOVEMATH :DD hihi. na aalala ko pa. pag exam namin nung HS, sa likod ng test paper ko my naka bandal ng iLOVEMATH. hihihi :)) i really like math pero minsan hindi. depende kasi sa teacher ee. TSSK. kaya mo yan sis. ^^. handle it nlang,

  7. OMG! the same situation dn aku sis
    Im about now goin to start college life...
    I thought the entrance exam but math didn't pass DAMN IT!! expect for english
    I thought seriously but nothing good happen in the end... kaka.inis>(

  8. yays. i love your quote on that :) two thums up!

  9. oh actually. I CRIED WITH THAT SUBJECT TOO. I am spending my summer practicing math problems. I need it so I can pass in entrance exams. I am about to enter in college na. GOODLUCK TO US!

  10. problema talaga ang math na yan! hayaan mo sis cheen..do not be afraid about college thing..me mag2nd year na sa college..ang blis ng panahon..and andami mo mameet na bgong friends and un iba sobrang okay..they will help you out..di lang kami un nervous pti rin cla..same lng kau hehehe kaya mo yan Godbless

  11. Oh geez. Math will always be a problem to people. HAHA. :D

    What course will you take anyway? :) Good luck!

  12. oh geeez~ that's really a big problem of me oso =.= math! hahah:D but kaya mo yan ate!!! go go go lng!!!

  13. Waah Math >_< weakness ko rin yang subject na yan lolz.

    Nga pala, nasan napunta yung links ng blog pals mo?


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