29 May 2010

I'm Happy! SUPERB.

Im so happy! superb. so finally BIGBANG is making they're comeback this August! yay! after 2 years of waiting, now they're making their comeback! before that, they've been inactive in the k scene, cause they're busy with their solo activities && busy promoting their music in japan. && they also won 2 awards in MTV world blah blah. isnt that great? I SUPER LOVE BIGBANG ~ yess! LEE DeWyze is the new American Idol this season 9! yess, i love this guy, but im not a huge fan of him. i just love the way he sings & he also got some looks noh :D Boston Celtics won over Orlnado magic! yay. they are going to the finals, for sure, it will be Lakers vs Celtics :D cool. PAUL pierce did a great job. super, but i was expecting Nate Robinson to be there, but he wasnt, Rondo did a great job too :) cool. i hope Celtics will fin the finals :)

So ive been busy reading this novel, but im having a hard time finishing it cause of my house hold chores, wanna ask why im doing house hold chores? well, i want to lose weight, cause according to my aunt my face looks round! ugh. so ive been doing it for 2 weeks already. been drinking bigger lai tea every after meal. keke. lol. im so determined in losing weight. so about the novel, at the beginning it was boring, but when i got the middle chapter it became exciting, superb! i love Scarpetta, so cool :)

So everybody now is getting busy cause school days are about to begin again! im so excited at the same time im so nervous! superb! its because of my subject math! ugh! but i know God is always there, he will never leave me suffering. keke.

My crush just changed his status from single to married, and i was like :( 100 time! tsk. i feel bad cause of that and i will be going to different school. tsk. but nah. there are a lot of boys out there :D maybe i'll just wait somebody who is like Edward Cullen! cant wait to watch Eclipse the movie.

thanks to kuya jose of jigzmoreinfo.bs.com for this award! its my second time receiving an award :) and it feels good :D i hope i'll be receiving more award :D keke.


  1. sis ah! bigbang! hahahahha :) boston ka pala ha! akalain mo un hilig ka sa nba..same here! araw araw me watch every morning! si nate mnsan lng mglro hehehe :)

    aba may read ka bgong novel? ako rin mrming nakapla kasu dmi gngwa e..knna naglins rin me ng haws..grabe dami ntn same..Umiinum din ako ng bigerlai ni toni! kaso every night para sa umaga magpoops..

    aawww I know what u feel tsk! tama! CULLENS!

  2. oh Boston is your team? heheh i love Lakers and i am an all time fan. But their team is a little weak this season they can't even beat the suns! today is game 6 and i hope they win! heheh. Boston is indeed a tough team to beat. well may the best team wins! :P

  3. I'm for Lakers!! Hahahaha =))) \:D/

  4. oh great! bigbang will have a comeback this aug..wow! i'm anticipated~ btw, yeah...love boston team too :)

  5. yehey! bb's comeback! can't wait! hahaha! XD

    i want a lakers post! hahaha!

  6. I am for Lakers too! hahaha...OK lang yan! God Bless sa pag-aaral mo Cheen!

  7. I <3 Big Bang! and Lee too! :) so you like boston? i like that team too way back. Im for lakers now! :)

  8. go lee! im so happy too when he won! like i almost jump! hehehe... sis can i ask something? is that tea your saying is really effective? i want to try it too.

  9. wee~

    bigbang! haha.

    sa august pa talaga oh. XD

    bday ko. XD

    hoho~ tama yan sis! madami pang ibang wafu dyan! *o*

    ako din! excited na ko manuod ng eclipse!

    edward x bella! <3

  10. been wanting to watch Eclipse already :D but still, I haven't watched New Moon yet. Ugh. School kasi e. Haha! Anyways, I don't know big bang much. But I heard Tae Yang's song, Wedding Dress. I love it so much! :D

  11. nakuu sis . wala tlga akong alam sa mga KPOP. hehe :)) oohh award. SWEET :DD oo nga sis. simula bukas busy na din ako to prepare my things :( tssk. ooh. don't feel sad sis. hayaan mo nlang si crush mo. makakahanap ka rin ng iba. hihi

  12. i am also excited for Big Bang's comeback!!!! hehe

    i'm hoping that boston celtics would also win the finals....

    also can't wait to watch eclipse!

  13. HAHA. im also not a big fan of lee dewyze pero okay nga ung way ng pagkanta niya. haha. and has some looks. :P

  14. wow, for real?! yey, BIGBANG IS BACK! :D i'm excited. <3

  15. thanks for all the comments :D


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