16 May 2010

Im so excited!

yeah! im very excited. why? cause i'll be a college freshman this school opening. cant wait to jot down notes :)) im so excited to meet new friends & to see my old friends too. cant wait to see the faces o my new teachers, wonder if they're cool or drool. keke ~ havent bought any school supplies yet. tsk. im going to enroll tomorow morning. so so cant wait to get my class schedule!

YAY! fianlly ive submitted three blogskins already in blogskins already. im still noob in designing and coding, so please dont judge my skins, okay? :) take a look.

First Skin ~ bigbang is vip
Second skin ~ gloomy
Third skin ~ suju m

what ya think? is it okay? :) keke ~ please do comment, rate && if you want, fave it :D


tadah ~ this is me and my cousin camille :) photos were taken yesterday before she left for ayala :) she's an incoming sophomore student && she's taller than me, ugh. i lover her, so does my other cousins :D btw, made it with ps 7.0. im so enjoying using adobe photoshop right now :D


  1. same here sis..im also a college freshman this coming May 24. im also excited but a bit nervous..

  2. Nice! :)) What course will you be taking up? And what school? :)

  3. Naalala ko tuloy nung 1st day ng pasukan ko nung college. Haha.

    *pahabol lang na comment. :))

  4. i'm gonna be a college freshman too. :D I'm so excited. It certainly beats rotting at home :)

    I saw the skins. My fave was the first one. Big Bang Bias, I know :D
    All three are great. I can't even make a descent one from scratch :|

  5. Oh goodluck sis! right after you enroll, buy your school stuffs na! kakaenjoy mamili ng stuffs especially the notebook. kasi siya kasama mo lagi. :)
    Goodluck sis!
    Ok yan at least you can create your own design. Dyan din naman ako nagstart then eventually nagimprove because of inspiration and positive comments :D

  6. God Bless Cheen..yakang-yaka yan..College is the most serious level of all education levels..Study hard

  7. lols.

    i'm so happy na excited ka sa magiging college life mu..

    pero sa totoo lang, ayoko pang maging college.

    4th yr highschool na kasi ako sa pasukan ._.

    pero ayun, sana mag enjoy ka sa college life mu..

    and magkaroon ka ng maraming friends! ^_^

    nice pic btw! animated pa ha? XD LOVE IT!

    ganda din nung font and color. may sparkles pa! hanep!

    I RATE IT: 10/10 ^^

  8. oh wow~!
    so u'r a blogskin designer??
    anyway, good luck to u sis^^
    but i'm sure u'll miss ur HS life somehow^^
    just like what happened to me^^

  9. WOW! I love how you make icons, banners & other stuffs. Lovely Talent! \:D/ Sana ako din. Haha! Super Excited na din akong mag college. Parang nawala yung konting kaba ko eh.


  10. Huwaw congrats! talagang papasukin mo na ang real world - ang college life! masarap na mahirap ang college life... I still remember my experiences when I was still studying ^_^ Ang sarap mag-gala ahaha!

    Naks, ikaw pala mismo ang gumagawa ng mga layouts mo? galing!!!

  11. Good luck with college! :D

  12. siiis ! batch mate pla tayoo. hihihi :)) ang ganda naman neto. hihi. taga san ka ba sis ? uhmp. nuti ka sis. excited. ako TAKOOOT. hahaha. buti nlang kasama ko rin mhga best friend ko. pero ket papano my excitement rin. hihi

  13. haayy..buti pa U unnie @ collage ka na =.= sarap cguro maging collage noh!? hahah:D love the slide photo anyway<3

  14. Oh. You like HTML Stuff :) Cooooool 8D

  15. Btw, I love yer big bang blogskin. :)

  16. good luck sis :) I'm an incoming freshie too :D same atmosphere here. hehe

  17. YAY 8D rated all ur skins alr~

    oh nice photos btw

  18. Goodluck on your first day of college days, Cheen. :) Wow! The skins are... AWESOME @-) I hope you can make one for me, lol jk. :))

    You and your cousin are pretty. :">

  19. goodluck sis!!
    study hard and pray hard aswell!!
    college is the basis of your future. :))
    btw, thanks for commenting on my post. :)

  20. goodluck sis aja :) masaya yan lalo na kung pano kayo maguusap nakakamis 2loi nun 1st day ko hehehehe :) congrats narin ingats :p

  21. wow buti ka pa dahil meron ka kasama sa college me anyway galing mu gumawa ng layout aku hangang ngaun d marunong=(
    Like ur editing pic ganda mu sis with ur cousin^^

  22. I wish I'm good with codes and editing too ;D Good Luck with your College life :)

  23. Oh goodluck..
    and welcome to the college world.. lol :))

  24. thanks for all the comments >.<


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