10 May 2010

Its a tough day

May 10, 2010. The day when we, the Filipinos are going to decide who will be the country's next Government Officials. I cant vote cause im still 6teen, but if ever, i'll vote for ERAP for president. Bobo man, pero ben grande ayuda ya dale kanamun pati ben muchu ya le kos ya se. - thats our language, chavacano. And for our Mayor here in Zamboanga, please, (i'll) vote for Mannix Dalipe, cause he's a great leader, has a lot of experience & if he'll lose i dont know what will happen with my life, my reason is, uhm, its personal, but it has something to do with my dad's job :) So Filipinos, vote wisely.

Ive been watching Idol Army season 5 with MBLAQ. From the very beginning, i keep on laughing and laughing. Right now im so so inlove with MBLAQ, this is my second time idolizing all of the members. they all have a great sense of humor, and as the show went on, the members true colors keeps on showing. All members have their own personalities & talents. The only thing they share common trait is being funny, in the show they were all acting normally, promise! try to watch it in Youtube. Me? im done watching it last night, Seungho won the " Bad Boy/Guy " title :D btw, my fave is SeungHo, so hot, so cute and very talented.

well, well, ive been a fan of westlife since 2001. I got to know them, cause of my aunt Belle, she's a fan too, were both fan. I have all their albums & concerts CD. too bad bryan withdraw from the group. But the others still manage to go on without their sexy beast according to Kian :) i miss them.

So, im sure you noticed it, uhm, you noticed about the icons. i made them all, this time using Photoshop 7.0, i haven switch to the latest ver cause oour CPU is sick lol. Anyways, im going to open a new blog, for my icons, siggies, banners and blogskins :D im still working on siggies at this moment :)


  1. who's your bet for presidency??

  2. same here sis.. im also 16 now. im so excited to know who's going to be our next pres. :)

  3. 7.0 ?? i thought you are using cs2. haha. galing mo sis :DD anyways, i heard about chovocano's but i never heard a language from them except now. haha ü ankyut nun sis :DD anu translation nya ? XDXD yha, one o my bet is erap too, he has a golden heart, biruin mo ? sa kagagahan na ginawa ni gloria di nya na pinalaki at humarap sya sa ilang taong pagkakakulong. TSSK! *PEACE on side of Gloria, opinion ko to ü

  4. what do you mean by your statement, pero ben grande etc?
    hehe,sorry I'm not familiar .. :)
    Erap is fine with me, though he's not intelligent, he's a greater president than arroyo!!!!
    but my bet is noynoy :)
    too sad we're not yet registered voters. :D
    we have to wait for 6years..haha

  5. who is your bet for presidency? I hope Ninoy Aquino will be our next president hehhe :)

  6. Hello! Andami din may gusto kay Erap kasi may experience na daw and for sure hindi na mangungurakot.

    Ang galing mo Sis! I love your icons.

  7. annyeong Cheen!

    Bising-busy ang buong Pilipinas ngayon dahil sa halalan. In two days time, malalaman na natin kung sino ang next na mamumuno sa ating bansa ^_^

    Uy Westlife, am not really a big fan of them pero marami akong favorite na songs nila like Flying Without Wings and If I let you go :)

    Have a great day!

  8. I saw Westlife. Hahaha! =)) Grabe! Super baliw ako diyan dati. XD & the icons are so good. I hope you can share your skills in making icons. XD

  9. sino po binoto nyo ate?
    lolSS~ love those icons anyway<3 esp. the G-dragon one♥

  10. Oww, wow. It's like you're the first person today I know who's gonna vot erap. :) That's tough. :D

    I've been a fan of westlife too! <3 Never gets old. :)

  11. cool icons :)
    ang cute ng bigbang. hahaha

  12. omaygad namiss ko westlife! fool again, my love, seasons of the sun, and many many more :)) hahahah

  13. Wow I haven't tried watching Idol Army, actually. I want to watch Dream Team, Invincible Youth, etc. :)) I'm not rly a fan of MBLAQ just yet =/ haha.

  14. Thanks for all the comments :D


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