12 May 2010

Mixed Emotions

I feel so disappointed and sad. Disappointed cause my bet for mayor lost. His problem werent the people's votes, but he doesnt have the money to cheat even he has the money he wouldnt cheat, cause here in Zamboanga they love him. The cheating made by the re-elected (the proclamation is not done yet) mayor was "LANTARAN". Everybody knows that he cheated, for the others not to complain about this, he also helped them using his money. Almost all of his running mates got in. So my dad lost his job too, cause his boss lost.

i heard this from somewhere that the newly elected mayor said that "hindi daw siay magpapatalo sa kanya (my bet for mayor) kaya ayun, boom.

So, i have a new Layout. And im so satisfied with it. I think its nice. made it using photoshop cs2. No big change were made, only the banner and i added some patterns to those lines thingy :) google, photobucket, html/css help found on google & adobe photoshop cs2 thanks :D keke.

So i was about to submit a skin on Blogskins, its my first time, but i didnt submit it pa, cause im having problem with the back and forward code thingy, i already asked help from katie of shinieyellow, but i changed my mind, i wont put those code there anymore. Kattie thanks :D

Currently watching Art of Seduction with MBLAQ on youtube. Rain is the narrator, so love his voice :) wish i'll finish it soon.

Well, im going to make some blogskins, wish me luck :D


  1. wee ~ like the new layout ^^. hehe,tssk ! ang sama naman nun. wawa naman ung mayor na bet nyu. haais. I'm sorry for what happen to your dad. tssk. sana makahanp n sya ulet ng work.

  2. grabe talaga D: super lantaran na yung vote buying. tsk. Goodluck sa dad mo. Hope he fnds a job soon :)
    i want a big bang layout too :D

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. Love the new layout! Two thumbs up!

  5. I agree with you. There are others who are deserving but they lost because the other one is to desperate to win. I know the same cases, it sucks. I feel sorry for your dad, hopefully he'll find a job. :)

    I like the new banner. :) Goodluck in making blogskins. :) I hope many people will like it. :)

  6. wow bago layout!XD cute namn at orange paren ang color fave mu?
    mas magaling ka gumawa ng layout *envy u*XD

  7. Hello Cheen! :>
    I like your new layout. Its nice! Orange! <3

  8. woooh big bang so cute... i love it!!
    nice layout by the way... thumbsup!

  9. Aww, ganun talaga Cheen... di talaga maiiwasan ang dayaan tuwing eleksyon... hayzz.. dito man sa amin, yung bet kong mayor is di rin ata nanalo kase ayon sa rumors floating around, nag-vote buying daw yung kalaban nya kaya ayun... pero naniniwala pa rin ako sa rule of karma... haha! doble ang balik sa kanila nyan.

    nice layout btw. ^_^

  10. Money matters. Geez. I just hate how people use their bucks just to be in a place where they are not deserving. -__-

    Love your new layout!

  11. hmm..well..it's sad..coz the deserving doesn't win..even here..i dont know why he won but i dont think he;s deserving to be our mayor again >.<

    anyway..nice template..looks like you really love big bang ^_^

  12. tsktsk sayang nman..

    nice template grats :)

  13. grbe naman un.. some cheater like him wont last in his position.. really.


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