04 June 2010

I stay in love

so i was inlove qith these mixstyle headphones, so i bought one, the pink's mine, while the black one belongs to my younger brother :) why pink? cause they dont have orange headphones, out of stock na daw. ts. and this is my first time buying online! bought them at fashion-furor.multiply.com :)

im always inlove, and because of that i changed my layout. i used new shades of orange. lol. still orange. what can i do its my favorite color. so i change the banner but still featuring BIGBANG, why? cause i love them so much :) and i remove the visitor page, cause im going to make a portfolio and all my works will be placed there. keke ~ hope you like my new layout :)

im getting excited for june 17, that very day im going to meet new friends, new professors, new room and some new subjects. hope my first day will not be tough, or else im gonna break down and cry :D lol. hope not :) my worries for math is quite okay now, cause i have faith in God, always. im not asking for miracle to happen on the very first day. im all set, (excluding my uniform) ~

so its LAL and BOSTON. and ofcourse they used lakers home court, and boston lost on their first game, ugh. tsk. i keep on hearing that its difficult to win over a team when they are using their home court. tsk. another tsk. but there's still chance :D hope they'll win on their second game !

i love this pic, its me and my baby cousin Aurora Anika :) i think its cute :3 been inactive for the past couple of days, sorry for that. been busy making some works, house hold chores & youtube-ing ;) OH! MBLAQ finally won their First award on M! countdown, after so many performances they made, they deserve it, and can you believe it? they won over SS501. awesome XD well, em gonna bloghop na :D


  1. LOVE THE NEW LAYIE. (as usual) mainly because big bang is in it ;D
    I want that headphones too :) It reminds of GD's headphones in his heartbreaker mv :)

  2. Wow, you paid it thru paypal? God BLess sa studies Cheen! Aja!

  3. aah. sis. bumili ka. hehe, balak ko rin bumili nyan. kaso gusto ko ung malaki tlga. hihi >.< buti pa kayo 17 pa. waa! kami sa monday na. huhu :((( goodluck satin sis~

  4. Yay! I love the headphones. Pink is so girly. :">

    I always love your themes. :) BB FTW!

    Yes, Lakers won! Congrats to them. I ship Lakers, BTW! Hehehe~ XD

  5. hahahh if you hadn't said that you made a new layout i would not have noticed...coz its still orange.. still its nice and very clean..

    yey for Lakers! hehe

    That headphone is so cute.. wish i could have one myselg :P

  6. I love the new layout. Oh dang, I super want those mix-style headphones. It's one of my wishlist :( The original ones cost more or less 2k or 3k! Aish. T-T
    yays. I like that picture of yours. Cute :)

  7. Are you in college na ba? :O I thought we'r eon the same age haha :))
    Oh well you really like Orange! Pag pumunta ka ng bahay namin maiinlove ka rin kais orange ung color ng bahay namin haha. Naalala nga kita eh LOL

    Busy fangirling ha, di na ako masyado nakakapg fan girl. Musta na bigbang?update me haha

  8. And oh I love your headphone pala, nako I almost forgot about that sorry xDDD

  9. Musta ang Bigbang? Kht d ako mxado fan. Hehehe..
    Oranges! Me likeeeey.<3

    Headphone! Cuuuute! ;)

  10. Mixstyle headphones are really cute and awesome! :D But I guess they're pricey. :(

    I'm half excited and half not for school. :D

    Your cousin is so cuuuttteeee! :3 I love her eyes. :)

  11. nice headphones! i want one too! how much is that?
    and hey! nice layout!!

  12. annyeong!

    huwaw talagang fan na fan ka ng Big Bang ah ^_^

    Goodluck sa studies mo... wag ka matakot sa first day mo as college freshman. kayang-kaya mo yan. :)

  13. how much does it costs? Idk, but I haven't tried using mixstyle headphones yet. What does it feels like? Hohoho! ★

  14. wow the new theme. :] especially the boys up there. <3 ooh~ those earphnes are awesome. and your cousin is cute. :]

  15. hahah:D ur really inlove!
    lol~ oh btw, i think SS501's not yet joining the chart since it's their comeback stage(?) heheh~ nvm..
    i hope Boston will win on their 2nd match(?) okay whatever, boto ako sa Boston! hahah:D
    oh...malapit na pala pasukan!
    naku..i'm nervous 0.0
    i hope i'm as relax as u sis!

  16. yey! hello fellow VIP! haha. i like your layout. its cute. :))

    btw. goodluck on school! upcoming freshman in college huh??

  17. sayang naman at hindi mo nabili ung desired color mo talaga. haha. pero ang dami kong nakikitang ganyan sa mga mall e . :? anyway. in a way school is exciting and nakakainis. haha. well goodluck with school :D

  18. ang kyut nga nung headphones sis. I want to buy kso uber laki nmn., hehe.

  19. I've seen MixStyle headphones at a nearby mall, and I terribly wanted to buy one. Unfortunately, I don't have any mp3/ipod as of today, so.. Hahaha.

  20. Hello Cheen! :3
    Wow! Na-miss ko na tuloy mag online shopping. Sa Multiply din ako lagi nag online shop, eh.
    Cute Headphones. Sayang wala na yung orange. Aww. You & Anika look cute. :"> x

  21. Ang cute naman nung baby.! :))

  22. love the new layout sis cheen! nice headphones! rock oN! :) cute cute baby hehehe! and sis! good news for us! YEAH boston celtics won over the lakers! its tied at 1-1. Tapos 3 homecourts na ng boston pag nanalo sila dun cla na champ! yey!

  23. love the new layie! and the pictures! :) love bigbang! oh hey i heard boston won over LA on their second game! teehee.

    and your cousin is soo cute and adorable!

  24. ang ganda tlga ng color orange :D although hindi ko naman siya favorite. tamang tama lang siya :D i've been seeing those headphones. sikat siya ngayon noh? pero okay na sakin yung earphones. Baka mmea may kumakausap sakin tas hindi ko pa marinig. haha!


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