27 June 2010


So yea, em on a semi hiatus! So sorry for not replying to all yer tags and comments. I'll be back soon xD and to my affies please dont remove me :) Em having a hard time balancing my schedule, so i'll be gone for a week or two :) em gonna fix it so, bye for now :( i'll be on twitter, lets just all talk there xD

This is the only Japanese song sang by a Japanese artists that i LOVE!

music player removed :)

ここにいるよ (Koko ni iru yo)

*Baby boy, watashi wa koko ni iru yo, doko mo ikazu ni matteru yo
You know dat I love you dakara koso, shinpai shinakute ii n da yo
donna ni tooku ni ite mo kawaranai yo, kono kokoro
iitai koto wakaru desho?
anata no koto matteru yo (matteru yo)

bukiyou na ore, tooku ni iru kimi
tsutaetai kimochi sono mama iezuni, kimi wa icchimatta
ima ja nokosareta kimi wa ARUBAMU no naka
denpa de shika aenai hibi, takedo mienai ze kimi no hohoemi
kimi no nukumori kami no kaori, kono nodo no kawaki wa sono mama mitasarezu ni
sugiteku hibi no naka nanda ka kimi no omokake hitasura sagashita
kimi to yoku aruita ano michi wa, ima ore dake no ashioto ga hibiteita
n na koto yori omae no hou wa genki ka? chanto meshi kutteru ka?
chikushou, yappa ie nee ya
mata kondo okuru yo, ore kara no Letter


kamakura no sunahama de mita kimi no sugata, nami ni nomareta kimi ni iitai kotoba
nandaka MAJI setsu ne~ otoko na no ni nande...kotoba deteko ne~ ya
oboetemasu ka? kimi to itta KARAOKE no naka
ore ga irareta kyoku no kotoba MONITA- ikanda mama
honto wa kimi ni tsutaeta katta
kimi to futari kiri de hajimete machiawase wo shita ano hi
arude guuzen ni attaka no you ni hashagi
hohoemu kimi ga wasurerarenai tte
hanashi kanari sore chimatta ga wakaru yo na? ore ga iitai kotoba
Shit nokori kaku basho ga nee ya
gomen, tsugi wa zettai ni okuru kara


ore ga motto kanemochi dattara, motto matomo na shigoto wo shite tara
moshimo subete gisei ni dekita no nara, ore wa zettai ni kimi wo...
da ga Please kanchigai dake wa sunna, kimi ni sabishii omoi wa sasetaku ne~ ga
isogashii naka anma hanase ne~ ga
baby believe kore wa all for our future
But shoujiki, ima sugu kimi to aitai, ima sugu dakishimete yaritai
mukashi, kimi ga ore no tonari de suwatteta seki ni wa, mou daremo inai tte...
ma~, sonna koto wa ii n da, iitai koto wa sonna n ja ne~ nda
imasara da ga, zutto iitakatta kotoba wo kome okuru Unsent letter

Baby girl, watashi was koko ni iru yo, doko mo ikazu ni matteru yo
You know dat I love you dakara koso, shinpai shinakute ii n da yo
donna ni tooku ni ite mo kawaranai yo, kono kokoro
iitai koto wakaru desho?
anata no koto matteru yo

Baby boy, watashi wa koko ni iru yo, doko mo ikazu ni matteru yo
You know I love you dakara koso, shinpai shinakute ii n da yo
donna ni tooku ni ite mo kawaranai yo, kono kokoro
ima nara sunao ni ieru yo
I don't eva wanna let you go

But em still a VIP, i'll love BigBang Forever ! their japanese single will always be my fave xD specially let me hear your voice and tell me goodbye xD


  1. ooh. ingat sis :D i miss you!

  2. thanks so much for linking :D

  3. gonna miss you! there's twitter anyway. I'll tweet you there ^^; byieee!~ *hugs*

  4. aww. ang daming busy :( come back soon sis! :D

  5. hey yaa cheen thx for visiting my blog :) want link exchange ? thx before~

  6. Aww Cheen! I am hoping things would get better on your side soon! cheer up and always pray ^^

    Nga pala, meron kang award. Check out my blog.

  7. aaw, i hope you'll fix your schedules soon. :) take care. <3

  8. Balik kana. Lol
    Anyway, got my new layout!

  9. im back!! yay..haha.. pls relink. thank you. (http://k-pcf.blogspot.com)

  10. be back soon, sis! :) we'll miss you.

  11. BE BACK SOON!! i'll be missing you! :D

  12. Its okay Cheen! I understand! Study hard!

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