30 August 2010


August 28, 2010 - Literary Contest. we were all exhausted but all our hard work was paid off, we won in all literary contest including speech choir, except in "Talumpati", we won 2nd place only, but anyways we were all overwhelmed with the results, we concluded that 2010 is the year of the MedTech. Nobody cheered for us, there were, but only our trainers and teachers. the seniors and juniors werent there either, they were busy doing their stuffs. anyway, WE WON !

We had a little tour, dedicated to our two malaysian classmates, named Yen and Anie both in black hijab as shown in the picture above :) we went to pasonanca. then after that to my house, cause that day we were celebrating tetuan's fiesta. we had a great time together.

The little girl in the middle is me :) haha. can you imagine, in that pic im so effin small, and now im in college? time flies so fast. well, being a college student is hard and at the same time AWESOME. haha. i never knew that i'll feel this kind of thing. i never knew that i'll be using handbags, going o the library everyday. haha. i keep doing stuffs i dont actually do in high school xD

i love chocolates, i ate that all ALONE :) haha well, i dont want to make this post long long xD haha. i just LOVE college right now :)

21 August 2010

school stuffs - cool stuffs?

Never mind the title, so premid was over. the exams were somehow easy, i didnt get any failing grades and i didnt have any "7" in my grades too. i was very happy, actually i was expecting that. keke ~ so i ranked no. 1 in Chemistry 1 Lecture & in Bio Sci Lab. i was overwhelmed, and it makes me wanna study harder. Actually in Bio Sci i got 100%, isnt that awesome, i was so surprised with the results. and because of that my mom bought me a new phone, samsung c3303k, its easy to use, i can go online anytime and it looks cute :)

And now, Midterm is here, this time i doubt that i'll ranked no. 1 again, cause i failed in three quizzes, and i feel horrible. tsk. my only hope is the exam, i'll o my best, please pray for me ;)

BIGBANG and the VIPs celebrated their 4th anniversary yesterday. 081910 ! 4 years of great music. since i dont have any money to give them some presents, i just help the other VIPs to trend #bigbang4ever and BIGBANG on twitter, which topped the TT list, second and ninth place. I just wanna say I'm a PROUD VIP. BIGBANG is the only group i liked in korea, their music is different from what youve been hearing now, haha. Geniuses !

em not gonna make this post long, so bubye :)

07 August 2010

I miss you all :)

WHOA! i havent blogged for one month! and i kinda feel bad about it. i let my blog die. But anyways, im back. so back :) im also back with a new layout, and as always my layout is inspired by bigbang :)

i miss everything about blogging. i super duper missed the blogosphere. i miss my fellow bloggers. i miss commenting on their posts, i miss tagging and talking with them :) i just miss everything about blogging so much.

my first day in school was great. after one week, me and my classmates are already close together and were the noisiest students ever. the program chair already gave us a warning. haha. it feels nice to be medtech student cause they think yer smart and when they say such things like "wow", "for sure they're all smart", etc. you kinda feel tall and proud. but at the same time pressured, medtech is not an easy course, since were still in the first year level, were not that pressured yet. well, we had our pre med exam last july, i passed all subjects, no failures ! and the midterm examination will be on the 3rd week of august. mm, right now im kinda exhausted, everyday we have quizzes, meaning you have to study every night to avoid a failing grade. haha. thats what im doing now thats why i cant blog for the past weeks. and im so so sorry about that.

i have a crush ! yeah, before i had two but now only one. haha. my first crush was a 3rd year radtech student, his looks kinda resembles mark herras, but what made me admire him is that his bag was orange and also his portfolio. haha. unfortunately he knew, and also my classmates and now my math teacher! ugh. now his head kinda "lumaki", so i stopped liking him. but i needed an inspiration, and i found one! haha. a 3rd year nursing student. he's the cousin of my classmate, my classmate keeps on talking about him saying he's godd and etc. at first i liked his eyes and now i like everything about him. hahaha. and one time he smiled and waved at me. i was like OMG! haha.

i wont make this post super long so, it ends here. till the next entry.
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