07 August 2010

I miss you all :)

WHOA! i havent blogged for one month! and i kinda feel bad about it. i let my blog die. But anyways, im back. so back :) im also back with a new layout, and as always my layout is inspired by bigbang :)

i miss everything about blogging. i super duper missed the blogosphere. i miss my fellow bloggers. i miss commenting on their posts, i miss tagging and talking with them :) i just miss everything about blogging so much.

my first day in school was great. after one week, me and my classmates are already close together and were the noisiest students ever. the program chair already gave us a warning. haha. it feels nice to be medtech student cause they think yer smart and when they say such things like "wow", "for sure they're all smart", etc. you kinda feel tall and proud. but at the same time pressured, medtech is not an easy course, since were still in the first year level, were not that pressured yet. well, we had our pre med exam last july, i passed all subjects, no failures ! and the midterm examination will be on the 3rd week of august. mm, right now im kinda exhausted, everyday we have quizzes, meaning you have to study every night to avoid a failing grade. haha. thats what im doing now thats why i cant blog for the past weeks. and im so so sorry about that.

i have a crush ! yeah, before i had two but now only one. haha. my first crush was a 3rd year radtech student, his looks kinda resembles mark herras, but what made me admire him is that his bag was orange and also his portfolio. haha. unfortunately he knew, and also my classmates and now my math teacher! ugh. now his head kinda "lumaki", so i stopped liking him. but i needed an inspiration, and i found one! haha. a 3rd year nursing student. he's the cousin of my classmate, my classmate keeps on talking about him saying he's godd and etc. at first i liked his eyes and now i like everything about him. hahaha. and one time he smiled and waved at me. i was like OMG! haha.

i wont make this post super long so, it ends here. till the next entry.


  1. hey sis! nice skin! you never failed to wow me with your big bang skins, i love it! :)

    ooh you're a medtech student. nice! you know what, you're right, whenever we think of med tech students, we associate them with "smart"! hahaha goodluck with your studies and keep on giving yourself the best grades! But dont forget to have fun, because college is not about just studying, you gotta have fun too! :)

  2. you really love big bang huh? so cute theme. love it. *thumbs up*

    umm. I agree with bubbles. Study well but also have fun. lav yah! MUAH!

  3. and ur back!!!!
    heheh :P i missed ur ramblings!
    i LOL'ed when u said u like him because 'his bag is color orange and as well as his portfolio' LOL
    anyway, HWAITING for ur study sis!!! medyo mahirap ngang talaga yang Medtech.. tsk! tsk!
    kaya mo yan :D

  4. yaaay! you're back :D welcome back. haha! well. good luck with all the school stuff. and also the crush stuff. haha! I'm also captured by a guy's eyes. I don't know why. But I like a guy's eyes. :">

  5. nice theme you have :D goodluck with crushy. haha :D super nakakakilig nga kapag nag smile and wave ang mga crush no. haha. parang pamatay.

  6. wow so you took up medtech? Good luck sis. :)
    lol crushes they do make your school life fun.

  7. Kudos for the adorable layout ^__^

  8. its good to have a friend back :))
    i understand that you're pretty busy 'cuz of school.. cuz im undergoing the same as well.. im so happy to be back to blogging.. but, i wont be active as i am before, maybe when weekends. :D

  9. Yay welcome back Cheen!!!

    Yay, galing mong gumawa ng layout ah XD

  10. weehhh~ welcome back sis.. I'm on and off on blogging as well soo dont feel bad.. =D your not alone.. hahahah

  11. At least you're back blogging!
    Yiiiee... crushing crushing~ ㅋㅋ btw, I heard you like K-pop? Follow me @pastafairy! It's my kpop twitter. and k.chiburger.com is my kpop blog. haha. I love GD, too. Isn't it his bday today? :))

  12. i take it your ultimate favorite color is orange, yes? lol. it's fun to have a crush! lol. your new crush should wave at you everyday! for inspirations! ;3

  13. welcome back, cheen! :D i missed you. anyway, i love your theme. <3 BIGBANG is L♥VE!

  14. Hi there,
    welcome back in blogsphur,
    I bet u miss blogging, bloggers and such. I'm with u :)) Well, I can relate, I have once neglected my syt for about 5months and that was really sad, it's lyk i don't even know how to start again.
    Anyway, So happy that ur back, blogging is just FUN.. I lyk ur layout, really nice <3 so korean :))

    Good luck on ur school stuffs,i hope everything goes well w/ ur exams.

  15. awww. that is so sweet sissie. you are sure missed here. :)

  16. cheen! im busy as well, grabe everyone is busy.
    so you're a med tech student? WOW gooludck eh haha xD

    Update when you have time I MISS YOU SO MUCH


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