21 August 2010

school stuffs - cool stuffs?

Never mind the title, so premid was over. the exams were somehow easy, i didnt get any failing grades and i didnt have any "7" in my grades too. i was very happy, actually i was expecting that. keke ~ so i ranked no. 1 in Chemistry 1 Lecture & in Bio Sci Lab. i was overwhelmed, and it makes me wanna study harder. Actually in Bio Sci i got 100%, isnt that awesome, i was so surprised with the results. and because of that my mom bought me a new phone, samsung c3303k, its easy to use, i can go online anytime and it looks cute :)

And now, Midterm is here, this time i doubt that i'll ranked no. 1 again, cause i failed in three quizzes, and i feel horrible. tsk. my only hope is the exam, i'll o my best, please pray for me ;)

BIGBANG and the VIPs celebrated their 4th anniversary yesterday. 081910 ! 4 years of great music. since i dont have any money to give them some presents, i just help the other VIPs to trend #bigbang4ever and BIGBANG on twitter, which topped the TT list, second and ninth place. I just wanna say I'm a PROUD VIP. BIGBANG is the only group i liked in korea, their music is different from what youve been hearing now, haha. Geniuses !

em not gonna make this post long, so bubye :)


  1. oh my. 100% for your Bio Sci. gaah you're so good to think you ranked no. 1 pa! gooosh. envyyy! HAHA. anyway. goodluck with you midterms. hope you do well just like your premid. :D

  2. That's nice to hear, congrats on ur good grades.. Keep up da good work`<3 && Good luck with the midterms,I'm sure u'll do well even tho u failed some of the quizzes.

  3. congrats for the new phone!! ;)
    Yay! 100%?! genius eh? ;)
    keep up d good wrk!

  4. congrats sis! keep up! nice phone. :)

  5. Yey! Congrats being on Rank 1. :D Cool phone you have. :D And yes, BIGBANG is already 4 years old. <3

  6. Wow! That's nice, being the number 1 in your exams. :)) Good work. :))

  7. Yay ang galing mo naman Cheen! congrats ^_^

    Study Hard and goodluck naman sa Mid-term mo :)

    4th yr anniv na pala ng Big Bang. Congrats to them!

  8. wow!
    nag top ka pala sa subjects nyo sis!
    congrats ^_____^
    and happy anniversary to BigBang too :DD

  9. waaaaaaaaah! Can you teach me? I suck at Science especially Chemistry. I can't seem to get the compounds and bonds. haha! But I can handle Biology :D goodluck with midterms! do your best! :D

  10. I love the layout.. LOL BIG BANG IS <3

    yayyy coz you ranked 1 in chemistry and for the samsung as well.. I actually hate chemistry.. lol Goodluck on the midterms though..

    Happy anniversary to BigBang.. haha as of now, Im having a last song syndrome on their song heaven.. lol I also like lollipop part 2 and hallelujah.. <3 their old songs are <3 too

  11. congrats sis! ehehe. pag igihan m pa ng maka aim ka pa ng mataas na grado ^^

  12. Thanks for all the comments xD


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