25 September 2010

Overflowing Happiness

well, i have a new layout ! yay. i was supposed to use this layout last week, but laziness attacked me. haha. well, i added some new shade, and its pink ! haha. and my banner still features Big Bang, well, im sure some of you are aware that im an avid fan of Big Bang :D well, what do you think? is okay?

September 2010 we celebrated the " Medical Technology Week at Pilar college. I thought there were 3 or more other schools will join, unfortunately no, there were only two, UZ & Brent . Well, me and my classmates had fun, the first activity we had was the quiz bee, which our school won then we had lunch together then we had games, there were lots of games, which all medtech students joined. it was fun. but when i got home i was kinda out of breath. and the following day, i was rushed to the hostpital. haha. and its all because of my d*mn asthma ! tsk. anyways, im okay now :))

we had to make a soap and a commercial for our chemistry. which we succeed, and now all we need to do is the commercial. this was the last activity ive done after i was rushed to the hospital. we had a great time making the soap, in fact at first we were all excited about it. haha. everybody helped, and so we succeed ! yay !

its me (in white) and anie (in red). this is part of the medtech week celebration. in here we were shooting our commercial. haha. we had many NG's and its because of anie, who keeps laughing everytime the the camera turns to her direction. haha.

i dont want to make this post very long, so it ends here :))

16 September 2010

Dream && Achieve

Guess what I'm a Daydreamer ! haha. everytime when im alone in a quiet place, i tend to daydream. sometimes my are dreams are unrealistic and realistic, since im the dreamer i can make the ending great, so i ended my dreams with happy ending, which drives me to study hard, so i can graduate, pass the board exam, i even wanted to top the board exam haha, and to have a stable job. which everyone wants too. Since i have a long way to go, can somebody lend me some pair of wings? haha. but i dont think theres a shortcut to success. so nevermind xD

my body is tired right now, and its because of school works. so many things to do. well, i guess that is the life of a college student right ? haha. right now im trying to finish some projects, which a BIG help from the members will be greatly appreciated and for sure it will make our work faster.

and for those who commented on my last post, i just wanna say I AM SO OVER HIM ! haha.

10 September 2010

He Loves Me not

(via TFN)

he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me NOT !

yeah, been liking to a nursing student, but im not really sure if its Love, all i know is that i want to see him everyday, he's face is always on mind, it makes me " kilig " when he's texting me & when he's near him, all of a sudden i become quiet, and i can't even look straight into he's eyes ! haha, so what do you think? love or infatuation ? xD

but now, i want to forget him, cause i think it's impossible that we'll be together, if i keep on hoping and wishing, i might get hurt in the end, see what i mean ? TT so now, em just gonna focus my mind and heart to my studies, cause i want to be in the top three in my subjects again cause that's the only thing i can give my parents :)

fangirl ! yeah, i know everyone of you are aware of 2ne1's comeback, they just released the full album, and as expected they topped all charts in korea and even in japan. then after 2ne1's comeback, for sure BigBang's comeback will be the talk of the town, it'll be EPIC xD
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