16 September 2010

Dream && Achieve

Guess what I'm a Daydreamer ! haha. everytime when im alone in a quiet place, i tend to daydream. sometimes my are dreams are unrealistic and realistic, since im the dreamer i can make the ending great, so i ended my dreams with happy ending, which drives me to study hard, so i can graduate, pass the board exam, i even wanted to top the board exam haha, and to have a stable job. which everyone wants too. Since i have a long way to go, can somebody lend me some pair of wings? haha. but i dont think theres a shortcut to success. so nevermind xD

my body is tired right now, and its because of school works. so many things to do. well, i guess that is the life of a college student right ? haha. right now im trying to finish some projects, which a BIG help from the members will be greatly appreciated and for sure it will make our work faster.

and for those who commented on my last post, i just wanna say I AM SO OVER HIM ! haha.


  1. I can lend you. An imaginary one nga lang. I used to fly kase. Hahaha! But I'm still using it though when I also tend to daydream :P but you can borrow it. Lol. Kidding sis.

    Seriously though.. I make my dreams as my inspirations to strive harder. Lalo na sa studies ko. :))

    Keep dreaming sis! Mkapass lang yan tayo sa board exam! And if we're really determined and if we'll do our best, for sure we could even top the board. Yeaaa! Just do your best, and God will do the rest. :>

  2. I daydream A LOT too haha ! XD Even if I'm not alone I will daydream.. it's my way of passing time ^^

    Good luck sis :) I'm sure you'll do great with your studies if you just continue to work hard :D nothing is impossible if you try your best :D

    Good luck! ~

  3. You can achieve your dreams by striving hard and putting God in everything ^^ It's good to know that you prioritize your study :) I know, for sure you can go a long way and you can make your dreams into reality! ^^

  4. hey angel. you can borrow mine! lol dont worry im with you. aye? i also tend to DREAM a lot. yknow? who cares? nothings wrong in dreaming :D

  5. haha~ same here~ maybe im really an otaku and because of being indulge with so many romance stories (either animes, mangas, drama)daydreaming has become my past time! hahaha! i also ofetn dream of happy ending~ and sometimes i wish those handsome guys on the fictional dramas can be your real boyfriend or something~ haha..

    (since i dont have a tag board..you can leave your reply on my comment box..thank you ^^)

  6. good to know that your over wit him. haha! ooh. I love to day dream. I always do! haha! kahit maligo ako. or nasa room. haha! love the image btw.

  7. I don't day dream as much as I used to. o_o Now, I just stare into space not realizing my surroundings. I'm not even thinking of anything. xD

    Good luck on your project! :D

  8. lahat naman ata tayo dreamer eh haha iba iba lang tayo ng dreams :))

    buti ka pa you're so over him na. good for you. :)

  9. Lahat tayo, daydreamer. Some are not that passionate though. Haha. :)

    Kaya mo yan! Go, go, go!

  10. Whee! same here XD

    I do daydream a lot or should I say nagmumuni-muni pag wala talaga akong ginagawa... most often on random things, masaya or malungkot hehe...

    Need mo ng wings? naniniwala ka ba dun sa kanta na "Flying Without Wings"?

  11. College is such a drag. Hehehe ! And yes, Daydreaming is fun @-) It actually motives you to do better !

    Goodluck ;)

  12. Daydreaming is one of my habit! x))
    It just made me feel well sometimes. Haha! I often do this whenever I'm riding a jeep. Wala kasi makausap. HEhee! >;))

    Btw, what pala course mo sis? =)

  13. It has always been my foolish dream to fly. lol.

    Anyway, having our dream come true is not really what matter most. It's the time and effort we gave to attained them. It's what made us stronger and better in all aspects.

    Goodluck! :)

  14. Wow sis! You're so amazing! I love the picture. <3

    Day dreaming isn't bad. I tend to day dream too and it's fun, right? =)

  15. Oh, hello there, fellow daydreamer ;) Tayo na't damihan pa ang pangarap :)


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