10 September 2010

He Loves Me not

(via TFN)

he loves me, he loves me not, he loves me, he loves me NOT !

yeah, been liking to a nursing student, but im not really sure if its Love, all i know is that i want to see him everyday, he's face is always on mind, it makes me " kilig " when he's texting me & when he's near him, all of a sudden i become quiet, and i can't even look straight into he's eyes ! haha, so what do you think? love or infatuation ? xD

but now, i want to forget him, cause i think it's impossible that we'll be together, if i keep on hoping and wishing, i might get hurt in the end, see what i mean ? TT so now, em just gonna focus my mind and heart to my studies, cause i want to be in the top three in my subjects again cause that's the only thing i can give my parents :)

fangirl ! yeah, i know everyone of you are aware of 2ne1's comeback, they just released the full album, and as expected they topped all charts in korea and even in japan. then after 2ne1's comeback, for sure BigBang's comeback will be the talk of the town, it'll be EPIC xD


  1. like/crush lang yan. :D
    i love it when i get the "kilig" feeling. :P

    don't forget him. o_o your mind will say yes but your heart will say no.

    everything's possible. :D

  2. Awww such a cute story :) hahas ^_^ Well whatever it is, hope you'll be happy in the end :D If you really like him then you shouldn't give up.. HAHA :D Maybe he's just waiting for the right time, who knowss :) Good luck sis :D

  3. awwwwh, wish for happy ending story sis ^^

  4. oh mee!! I know that... haha...
    It's infatuation if you like him because of his looks...or your heart beats when you see him....
    love is more of something deep, it is when you know him very well and you accept him as it is.... ahahaha...

  5. Hi Sis! Super nakaka-relate ako sa entry mo. ;;-) Infatuation lang din siguro. Yung saken, gusto ko din makalimutan. Aaaahhh! =)))

    Go Sis! Let's focus our mind and our heart to our studies! God Bless you Sis!

  6. maybe infatuation palang, who knows, one day baka bilang makita mo na ung spark..

    then LOVE na un (uuui)

    so focus muna tayo sa studies, XD

  7. Aww Cheen! seems like infatuation lang yata ang nararamdaman mo. Naku, lilipas din yan or lumipas na ba? XD

    Yeah tama ka na magfocus ka muna sa iyong studies. Yan ang pinaka mahalaga sa lahat ^^

    God Bless!!!

  8. hahah XD well, sis..
    medyo..wala talaga akong ma advice about that "kilig" thing xD ala akong Xperience dyan eh TvT
    but anyway, love love ,love 2NE1's new songs oso!! hahah xD sana i-release na nila albums nila dito sa Pinas! para naman mabili ko na ;)
    excited na din ako sa comeback ng BB!
    hahah xD
    fangirl attacks~~

  9. I guess that's only infatuation. Antay ka pang konti. Malay mo malaman mo kung love na nga talaga :D

  10. i dunno why i dont received any updates from your blog..so i decided to refollow you :)

    hmm..maybe it's juts infatuation~ wait until your feeling develops :D

  11. ay. haha! ganyan tlga tayong mga girls sis. baka hangalang yan. pero malay mo ? In fates desire. maybe both of you needs to know each other pa muna. and I'm sure you could find someone :D

  12. ou nga eh..ang bilis ng panahon..kakatapos pa lang ng midterm eh malapit na agad yung nest set of exams~ ka-stress!!haha :D go girl gudlak! atleast may inspirasyon..ako naghahanap pa rin eh~ :P

  13. RE: meron din namang mabibiling blood+ na dvd..yun nga lang mahirap makahanap :/ o kaya online mu panuorin..i can give you some sites where you can watch free :D

  14. Don't forget him. Still be friends with him and nothing's wrong with that. Just don't EXPECT so you won't hurt. kkk~ I used to ~"kinda"~ fall in love with my schoolmate before and we made promises. But all those were left broken. :( But now, I'm happy for him. kkk~ ^^

  15. believe me at the end we'll have our own couple, don't be sad sis :( I don't really get into love thingy but you know what they said love is love :D

  16. RE:@CHEEN:thank you :3

    well, blood+ dvds are super rare ( also kuroshitsuji..damn >:/)

  17. Ayy sis! Studies muna! Daming time para sa mga lalake! Hinde tayo mauubusan. Hahahaha pero masaya talaga kiligin ba! Crush2x nga lang! :))

  18. maybe it's just a crush thingy. but you'll never know, it may lead to love. XD

  19. thanks for all the comments :))


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