24 October 2010

Happy Halloween !

Sorry for the late update, its been like two weeks right? tsk. been very busy with school stuffs as usual. exams are still on going, since its already finals, em gonna give my best !, wish me goodluck guys :) ooh, halloween is so near :) and so does my birthday, guys dont forget my birthday huh ? its on november 26, haha. i know its still far away, em just reminding :DD

i was going to use my halloween-ish layout today, but it kinda looks crappy, and since halloween is near, and were having our exam, em not going to use it anymore, cause i dont have enough time to tweak it again. tsk, maybe a christmas layout perhaps ? haha :D

sembreak is already here, so em gonna spend it studying && blogging :D haha. again, as usual :)
bloghopping, i'd better return all those tags && comments :DD

16 October 2010

Ghost and Supernatural

It was quarter to four in the afternoon, i was in the library. the sky was getting pretty dark, we thought it'll rain hard, then suddenly strong winds slammed all the windows closed. then the lights went on and off. right after that theres was a loud "BOOOOOM", then later we discovered it was the transformer on the streets, something went wrong i guess :D then rain begun to fall. I was effin bored so i decided to read again, then i found this book [above] entitle " the world of ghost and the supernatural". it was a compilation of popular ghost stories, mysteries, bout vampires and etc around the globe, the famous amytiville. i had goosebumps while reading it. haha.

Do you believe in any of these ? :DD
ooh. i just noticed, i already have 53 followers :D yay xD haha.
thanks for following me guys :]]

11 October 2010

I dont understand

HEYYA guys. i made a new blog ! and its in pink :D haha. ive been thinking about it, and now i have it :D i made it today. i spend 3 hours in designing && coding. wooh. and im kinda exhausted but very happy :D check it out, and judge it :)) at first i ahte pink, now em using it. i really dont understand my self now.

and about my title, im kinda confused with my behaviors. i get mad easily, i always sleep, i dont want to talk to everybody, if someone dares to talk to me, i suddenly shout at them, then when their gone i said to myself "what are you doing?" ugh. and because of this my mom and dad got pretty mad at me. mm. but i always ask for forgiveness to god everynight before i go to sleep.

goodnight :DD

08 October 2010

Copy & Follow are different

Nowadays, some pinoys are criticizing some artists for singing an upbeat song that has lots of autotunes and for doing music videos that has the kpop feel in it. some pinoy says that they have no originality, theyre copycats, and they are nothing but a bunch of crap. For me they arent copying, theyre just simply following the latest trends in music, remember time runs fast and nobody wants to be left behind and keeps on listening to old songs with different versions, right ? so let's just listen to their song and try to appreciate it :)

em deciding on just posting short entries :D haha. and thats because of my laziness & actually em really busy doing school stuffs :D

02 October 2010

Sunset Glow

Wearing my usual outfit,
waiting for you in the garden
one minute passed, you arrived
with my favorite flower
you slowly handed it to me
kissed my forehead,
and you lead the way to yer car.

We arrived at the beach,
at the back of yer car,
you held my hand,
and as the sun sets
these words suddenly came out
of yer mouth,

" You always had glow on yer face, so i thought
you should be mine, Will you marry me? "

K R R I N G G G !

Stupid alarm clock ! UGH ! anyways, the dream i had was kinda blurry so the garden and the flower thingy was made up :D but the beach and those words felt so real. HAHA :D i wish it'll happen in reality, someday. I dont want to marry at young age xD haha.

Pre Finals are over, but unfortunately FINALs is on his way. tsk. so i will be busy studying, so i hope you'll understand if i'll return all yer tags and comments late xD

by the way, the line he said to me is from the lyrics of Big Bang's Always. except the marry me part :)
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