24 October 2010

Happy Halloween !

Sorry for the late update, its been like two weeks right? tsk. been very busy with school stuffs as usual. exams are still on going, since its already finals, em gonna give my best !, wish me goodluck guys :) ooh, halloween is so near :) and so does my birthday, guys dont forget my birthday huh ? its on november 26, haha. i know its still far away, em just reminding :DD

i was going to use my halloween-ish layout today, but it kinda looks crappy, and since halloween is near, and were having our exam, em not going to use it anymore, cause i dont have enough time to tweak it again. tsk, maybe a christmas layout perhaps ? haha :D

sembreak is already here, so em gonna spend it studying && blogging :D haha. again, as usual :)
bloghopping, i'd better return all those tags && comments :DD


  1. I'll definitely greet you on the 26th dear! :D

    yeah halloween is near!!! hahahahah
    you still have your exams? goodluck with that! :D

    and I cant wait to see your christmas layout! hahahahaha cos you make the cutest layouts! xo! :D

  2. Happy Halloween in advance!

    And advance happy birthday. :p

  3. halloween! (its not happy for me for party party are not allowed no :()

    nut advance happy birthday to you!

  4. Happy advanced birthday!
    good luck on your test. :D
    and happy halloween. :P

  5. Wow really? your going to have your birthday next month, hmmm.. I'll take note of that. Happy hallooweeen!!

  6. I hope you did well on exams! I'm about to take mine >_<

  7. Advance Happy Birthday !
    Goodluck on your test ;)
    Advance Happy Halloween too ;)

  8. Hahahaha!
    Goodluck sa finals chee :P

    naah. Libre mo na! ano ka mn?!
    Hahahaha :))

    Advance happy birthday! ^________^

  9. Christmas layie nalang sis gawin mo. hehe :)) I'll remember your birthday! XD A month to go! Yiie :D

  10. Happy Halloween in advance :D

    and good luck on your test! hwaiting!! XD

  11. Advance Happy Halloween !!

    I'll take note of your birthday..

  12. Hi Cheen! :> Advance Happy Birthday! As usual, I love your site. I love that quote. Naalala ko sinabi yun nung Dr. na bading sa Hana Kimi. ♥

  13. happy halloween. i love your new layout

  14. i like your Halloween theme here.. :) cute.. anyways, Happy Halloween to you and ADVANCE happy birthday. hehehehe.. ;)

  15. Enjoy your semestral break Cheen and Happy Halloween! Boo! m__(-_-)__m

    November din pala birthday mo, same here XD

  16. Happy Halloween! God Bless u in your exams!

  17. Happy Halloween to you also... :)))

  18. Hello CHEEN. Happy Halloween to you :) I MISS YOU <33 I like your layout Cheen. SO Neat :)

    And oh, goodluck to your exams. YOU CAN DO IT!

    :DDDD <33

    'im back ! :D, check my blog to read my newest posts/updates'

    happy blogginh :D

  19. haha..hanga naman ako sayo Cheen..nag aaral ka sa bakasyon..haha..bihira kong mairing yun..anyway, thumbs up ako sayo..:) (napaisip tuloy ako bigla..haha..kaos allergic ako sa textbooks kapag ganitong sembreak..haha :P)

    well..ill try to remember your birthdate :)

    haha..in any case ill greet you now in advance..

    advance happy birthday! :D

  20. Aw. Belated Happy birthday dear. :)
    And Advanced Happy Halloween! hhe.

    I wish you had fun on your birthday!

    And goodluck on your final exams! :)

  21. Lovin' your layout! You are so creative in expressing your blog through colors and textures. <3

    And happy birthday to you on the 26th!

  22. I love the new theme. Happy Halloween and advance happy birthday to you. Enjoy your sembreak . Good luck on your final exams. :)

  23. Belated happy birthday :)love the quote :)

  24. Happy undas and hoping you the best on your finals :)

    am now one of your followers

  25. Happy Halloween and advance Happy birthday!

  26. Advance happy birthday! Yay. >w<

    I think you made a good job with the layout. :)

    Followed you in Tumblr btw. Ü

  27. nice layout sis. aww, sayang nman yung mga nawala T_T anyways, I'll follow you in tumblr too. Here are my tumblr accounts:



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