02 October 2010

Sunset Glow

Wearing my usual outfit,
waiting for you in the garden
one minute passed, you arrived
with my favorite flower
you slowly handed it to me
kissed my forehead,
and you lead the way to yer car.

We arrived at the beach,
at the back of yer car,
you held my hand,
and as the sun sets
these words suddenly came out
of yer mouth,

" You always had glow on yer face, so i thought
you should be mine, Will you marry me? "

K R R I N G G G !

Stupid alarm clock ! UGH ! anyways, the dream i had was kinda blurry so the garden and the flower thingy was made up :D but the beach and those words felt so real. HAHA :D i wish it'll happen in reality, someday. I dont want to marry at young age xD haha.

Pre Finals are over, but unfortunately FINALs is on his way. tsk. so i will be busy studying, so i hope you'll understand if i'll return all yer tags and comments late xD

by the way, the line he said to me is from the lyrics of Big Bang's Always. except the marry me part :)


  1. 'Will you marry me?"

    Then "KKRRRIINNNGG!!". hahaha... Istorbong alarm clock. Hihi. Ako rin, been dreaming of marriage and weddings.. pero I don't think Im ready for that yet. So sa dreams na lang muna. =)

    Good luck sa Finals week. Just look at the bright side. After the exams, you'd have another sem break. Though short, break pa rin yun.. =)

    Ohh.. I'm also listening to Big Bang. Yung kantang "Make Love".. It's nice.

  2. haha, aw dreams eh :p
    goodluck with your finals! :)

  3. Tsskkkk! Yang alarm clock talaga ohh! hehe! Panira. Ganda ganda ng dream. Teehee! ^_____^

    It's your finals na sis? Wahh! Buti pa kayo. ^^ Kami next next week pa. Amp. Tagal. Hehe!

    Goodluck and Godbless!

  4. I agree., Stupid Alarm CLock! LOL :)))) almost there XD

  5. Hahaha xD What a cute dream. Too bad the alarm clock disturbed you xP

    anyways good luck for your FINALS :D

  6. wake up, sleepy head XD

    Goodluck on your final exams Cheen!

  7. buta ya se alarm! hahaha!
    nice man kel. ayeeee <3

    ken gaha kel? kaw sis uhh.
    sabe ya gad ka mga ansina2x! :))

    kakilig gaud. sheeet! hahaha!
    ano ba yan?! nadadala man ako. lol

    ayan ang napapala mo sa sobrang pagka adik sa bigbang. loka ka!

    anyways, goodluck sa finals. wish me luck too! :*

  8. `hahah .. ang weird ng dream mo :)
    kasal agad ? hihih ..
    sna ndi k muna ngising pra happily ever after muna .. :)
    gudluck sa finals ^^

  9. Krrriiiinnggggg! :-(
    Bv lang nung Alarm Clock. Heheee! =)) Sis, I love your new theme. Namiss ko pumunta sa site mo. How are you Sis? Good luck with your finals. x

  10. Good luck with the finals! Hihi. :D

  11. yea right finals is coming.
    thankfully we dont have this pre finals thingy.:P
    good luck :)

  12. OMG..that dream is so cute and damn that alarm clock! haha!

    anyway, youre right..FINALS is on the way..i will also be very busy :/

  13. haha! how sweet is that. xD
    but I wonder who's the guy behind those lines? ;))
    Hwaiting for your exams! AJA ^^

  14. How sweet!

    If only that was for real! :))

    Godbless on your finals, BTW :)

  15. thanks for all the comments xD


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