29 November 2010

Back to School + updates

the classes have started last November 22, 2010 :) but the first week was still irregular, few teachers showed up some didnt. we were all happy at the same time irritated, anyway heres my sched :)

and yess, i only have one class on tuesdays and thursdays ! isnt that cool ? haha but in friday i have no time for lunch and its because of euthenics, tsk. my saturday is filled too. My hk 102 is Ballroom, ugh. meaning i'll be dancing with a male partner and wear a dress. tsk, i hope it'll be fun. haha.

Did you notice ? i have a new Template ! again :D and its already version seven ! woohoo, and my banner still and will always features BigBang ! why ? cause i'll be a forever and loyal VIP. btw, Big Bang is the only thing i love about Kpop :) cause their music stands out from the rest, and em pretty sure a kpop fan will agree with me. so what do you think bout my new template ? i just modified some images and colors, the basecodes is from Lauren of Nymphont.com :D

25 November 2010

SEVENTEEN @ 1126'10

if you are wondering bout my title, well it's my Birthday ! :025: haha. now im officially seventeen :) aah ! em getting older. tsk. i dont wanna get old, being old is so difficult, yer responsibilities keeps on increasing, yer usual cute face turns to big matured face. aa, but we have to face it, but come to think of it, you can do whatever you want to do, you can go to places without yer parents, you wont cry anymore if yer away from them, and you got to earn yer own money :028: haha. sounds fun right ? hehe

well, em not really a party person, so i wont celebrate it, instead em gonna go shopping, and yess my parents will give me cash ! i already bought some accessories online, new shoes, and i'll just treat my friends with snacks :002:

i'll update this post tomorrow for some pictures && stories :DD ciao ! em going to bed ooh, i already received some greetings my friends and classmates, and it kinda makes me more excited even thoug em not going to throw a party XD haha

by the way i received some gift from crystal ! thanks

i didnt got the chance to open my Facebook account on my birthday, luckily, i was free today so i opened it :) and i was shock that my wall was filled with greetings :D i was like em so touched ! superb ! thanks guys, there are more screen shots, but em too lazy to post them all :D haha

affiliates thanks for the greetings too i had so much fun on my birthday :) everyone greeted me, even my crushes. haha, i was so " kilig " :D haha .

15 November 2010

Defense of the Ancient

do you play DotA ? :022: well Im pretty sure half or one fourth of the population of teenage boys plays this game. And it has been one of the reasons why couples fight or break up, why ? well according to the boys..

and this video from youtube, is being viewed by thousands of girls and ofcourse boys.

maybe this video is for boys to realize that dont ignore or avoid them just to play DotA.

both sounds reasonable right ? haha :003: and the reasons why some girls also plays DotA is to seek revenge :022: or just curious why a lot of teenagers are hooked to this game, and thats why im playing this game cause em so curious. and since i dunno anything bout that game i asked for my brothers help and i did some little research about a certain hero i wanna use, his skills && etc. and guess what im sort of uhm addicted to itt, pero little lang :026: and that is what keeping me from updating, tagging && commenting, and because of that i am truly sorry :020:

have you noticed ? im using smileys again :017: is it cute ? haha.

image - photobucket.com
video - youtube.com

04 November 2010

Stay Connected :)

Sorry for the late update guys, for the unreplied comments and tags, i was just busy doing another layout, unfortunately i lost my codes, and decided to make a new one. so this is my new layout, still features Big Bang, and its already version six :) my sixth layout ! wee. so what do you think about it ? im kinda satisfied with it, but i was more satisfied with the layout i was making before this, tsk. and about my christmas layout, well i lost it too. TT
since i want to use a layout that is simple and ofcourse made by me, i surf the net looking for some tuts, images & fonts. Luckilyi found some helpful sites, and the result is my new layout, im kinda disapointed the two columns, it should be separated, but nah, haha.

so about the title, yeah, we should all stay connected. so please do follow me in:


i'll follow back, i promise :))

November 04, 2010 - it's TOP (Choi Seung Hyun) Birthday :) if you dont know him, well he's a member of BIGBANG ! haha. have you watched his movie 71--into the fire ? it was a great movie, it was filled with action and drama at the same time :))

i dont want to make this post long so, toodles :) em gonna bloghop na :D
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