29 November 2010

Back to School + updates

the classes have started last November 22, 2010 :) but the first week was still irregular, few teachers showed up some didnt. we were all happy at the same time irritated, anyway heres my sched :)

and yess, i only have one class on tuesdays and thursdays ! isnt that cool ? haha but in friday i have no time for lunch and its because of euthenics, tsk. my saturday is filled too. My hk 102 is Ballroom, ugh. meaning i'll be dancing with a male partner and wear a dress. tsk, i hope it'll be fun. haha.

Did you notice ? i have a new Template ! again :D and its already version seven ! woohoo, and my banner still and will always features BigBang ! why ? cause i'll be a forever and loyal VIP. btw, Big Bang is the only thing i love about Kpop :) cause their music stands out from the rest, and em pretty sure a kpop fan will agree with me. so what do you think bout my new template ? i just modified some images and colors, the basecodes is from Lauren of Nymphont.com :D


  1. love your new template :)

    btw..your schedule is nice though your TTH is just MATH..if its me i will wish it will just put on other days so i will not bother going to school attending only one subject..:/

    anyway, im glad youre taking Fil. 2 as well..:D hehe..

  2. I like your sched. Tue & Thurs. ♥ Wow! I love your new theme. I adore your themes, cheen! xo

  3. your classes started late huh. but that's alright. :P
    yey for your tuesdays and thursdays! :D
    btw, how can i apply for your affies? i want to be advertised on your blog.

  4. ahh! i really miss school! :D

    your new skin is awesome! it's always a pro! :D

  5. 50php? Is it for a one-day internet access, sis? Uhm..just wanna ask.. sa lhat ba ng networks pare-pareho lng ung price?

    Btw, I ♥ the new layout..hihi :D

  6. Hehe.. galing nman :D Gonna try that. :)

  7. again.. i really like your new template.. very nice picture.<3

    anyways, I envy you with yer tue&thursdays :D
    how long is one class?
    with me it is 50 minutes.. :)

  8. @CHEEN: well, it is not a new manga..its my own fantasy-romance fiction..well..it consist of 7 chapters which i posted here..the character designs are mine :)

    its original..thanks for liking it ^^

  9. wee.. ballroom dancing. haha . i think it's fun :) goodluck to you

    i'm a K-pop lover too . :))

  10. oh ..gosh my subjs.too islike that.. i mean tues. i only have 2 subjs. :D

  11. oh my! love your new layout! i wish i could make an orange layout too. i'm always stuck with pink :(

    anyways ur schedule is soo cool. not like mine which is soo messed up no time for lunch too :(

  12. i like your new template!
    i hate seeing schedules. i dropped some of my subjects :D

  13. Wow. You're sched's really loaded. How many units do you actually have? Good luck with that! :)

  14. Bakit ang galing mo gumawa ng layout? haha! :) it's so nice!

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  16. Bigbang fan :)
    love ur layie

    cool sched. TTH is fun hihi

  17. Straight to the point and well written! Why can’t everyone else be like this?


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