25 November 2010

SEVENTEEN @ 1126'10

if you are wondering bout my title, well it's my Birthday ! :025: haha. now im officially seventeen :) aah ! em getting older. tsk. i dont wanna get old, being old is so difficult, yer responsibilities keeps on increasing, yer usual cute face turns to big matured face. aa, but we have to face it, but come to think of it, you can do whatever you want to do, you can go to places without yer parents, you wont cry anymore if yer away from them, and you got to earn yer own money :028: haha. sounds fun right ? hehe

well, em not really a party person, so i wont celebrate it, instead em gonna go shopping, and yess my parents will give me cash ! i already bought some accessories online, new shoes, and i'll just treat my friends with snacks :002:

i'll update this post tomorrow for some pictures && stories :DD ciao ! em going to bed ooh, i already received some greetings my friends and classmates, and it kinda makes me more excited even thoug em not going to throw a party XD haha

by the way i received some gift from crystal ! thanks

i didnt got the chance to open my Facebook account on my birthday, luckily, i was free today so i opened it :) and i was shock that my wall was filled with greetings :D i was like em so touched ! superb ! thanks guys, there are more screen shots, but em too lazy to post them all :D haha

affiliates thanks for the greetings too i had so much fun on my birthday :) everyone greeted me, even my crushes. haha, i was so " kilig " :D haha .


  1. Bukas pa lang bday mo dba sis? Yiiiie. We're now of the same age! haha :D Happy happy birthday sis Cheen. I'm really happy to befriend someone as nice as you ^o^ Have a great birthday and may all your wishes come true with God's help. More health and blessings to come your way <3 I love you~ God bless ♥

  2. hi sis happy birthday ..

    off topic: yeah sis i like teppei too :)

  3. omg. HAPPY BIRFDAI!! i didn't realise until i read your post today D: that gift was supposed to be an *affy gift* not birthday.. so i've made you another one :) here you go;

    hava happeh birthday!!

  4. Sis!!! Happy birthday!!! I'm turning 17 also in 29th of December. Hehehe~ Im glad that you're having fun today! :DDDD

    More birthdays to come, tc always, love lots ♥ mwaaa :*

  5. Yayy!! Happy birthday sis! Today is my friend's b-day too! Aheee!

    Have fun in your shopping! TEEEHEEE! =)) That'll gonna be great!! =))

    About the sponsor thingy, yay! You can make site buttons any graphics.. ahee.. also ad space.. =)

    And yes, sponsors are welcome to join! =)) Awee!

  6. so hey. happy birthday :))
    cash is better than party, i think. HAHA.

  7. air! happy birthday sis! hehe 17 is a very young age pa enjoy it while you can lol. Me too i'm not into having/going to parties. I'd rather hang out with friends and go somewhere..
    Happy birthday again :)

  8. Happy birthday! I'll be 17 too in less than two months :)

    If I were to celebrate my own birthday, I'll just organize a gimmick with my friends and buy the things I want!

  9. happy bday Cheen :)
    have a great one yaa

  10. Belated Happy Birthday :P
    I hope you had the best day ever ^u^

  11. Oh! Belated Happy Birthday! :)

    X N

  12. Happy birthday! ♥ We're of the same age na! And I agree to you, ang hirap tumanda, at ang bilis nating tumatanda. :(
    Hope you had enjoyed your day!

  13. Happy belated 17th birthday, sweet Cheen! :)
    Yeah, being adults means being responsible over many things, but it also means enjoying life with more maturity, with more control over the world where you life. Once you're an adult, you can do more to make your world a better place to live in. ^-^

    Thank you again for being my affiliate. ~<3

    ~ Anna P.

  14. belated happy birthday! sorry for not being here always..quite busy~ hehe..:)

    glad you had fun in your most special day! :D

  15. thanks for all the greetings :D

  16. super BELATED happy bday cheen! :)) ngayon lang nakapagupdate kaya ngayon lang din nakagreet :)


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