21 June 2011

June 14 & 19

So i had a great day with him last June 14, 2011. As i got off the tricycle, i looked straight to where we were supposed to meet. And there he was standing, wearing the cap i gave him on his birthday. Seeing him standing there, waiting for me to arrive made me feel something unusual, until now i still cant describe or name this kind of feeling that only he can make me feel. Then i yell out his name to catch his attention. The way he looked at me was really asdfghjkl ! haha. Then we started walking, before we reached Mindpro there was this crazy old man who’s making a scene, i was frightened so grab his arm not his hand. Lol. Then suddenly he grabbed my hand. I was shocked, i felt some butterflies in my tummy. That was the first time we held each others hand. When he touches my back or shoulders, the butterflies in my tummy are starting to go wild. Haha. Then it was time for me to go home, but before that he held my again.

Batman visited my place last June 19, 2011, and there he met my whole family. Haha. We were in my mom’s store. We were just watching TV, talking and he helped me filling the ref with soft drinks. And when silence come, he will stare at me then laugh, he would touch my arm, my hair then he will just grab my hand and me ? well, i can feel those wild butterflies in my tummy again. Haha. At 5pm he went home. We forgot to take some pictures, and kinda pisses me off. Anyways i had a great time with him.

sorry for the late update && replies :D will bloghop later :)

15 May 2011

It's summer

oh my i know its late. anyways. belated Happy Mothers Day to my mom to yers :) haha. my dad prepared lunch, well he didnt cooked the food, he just ordered them, why ? he is too lazy to do it, after that me and my mom went shopping. haha. she bought me new clothes. yay. thanks mom. i love you :)

ugh. i miss Batman so much ! superb. havent seen him for weeks. tss. and i blame summer for that. i really really want to see him now, as in now. right now all we do is text, text and text. :)

sorry if i havent replied to yer comments, our internet connection was disconnected and mom is planning to reconnect this June which is like years for me. tss. right now em using my cousins laptop. hahaha.

01 May 2011

One Month Together

its May 01. and guess what ? its our First Monthsary today :) too bad we can't be together today. tss. anyways, yesterday i had a great day with my bestfriends. when i got home, i did all my chores and while waiting for my little brother, i fell asleep. then i got up at 12 or 1am, then i checked my phone immediately and there were messages from him (ofcourse), eventhough hours have passed since he sent those messages, i still responded to his msgs then i ask God to wake him up if he's already sleeping :) hihihi. and he did ! haha. before he greeted me, we talked about some random stuffs. unfortunately the network is sick and his battery is low. i went to sleep at 3am, he at 4am :) then we continued talking at 7am or 8am (?). i really really hope we'll see each other on monday :DD oh, what is wrong with me ? i kinda feel shy in showing my feelings for him. tss. i dunno why. can you give me a little advice ?

Hey hey ! got a new layout ! what do you think ? is it okay ? this time, BigBang is not featured, maybe next time :D its simple and i love the colors :D

20 April 2011

Great Day

Me and my classmate Christine: first day of summer class

yep, i had great day today :) haha. em actually enjoying my summer class. em taking up physics in the morning and sociology with anthropology in the afternoon. since our prof in socio didnt came, we went to the city campus and he was there (batman), we were both wearing red tshirts. coincidence ? or destiny ? lol. apollo of "my amnesia girl" used to say that a lot :) well, i tapped his shoulder and asked him bout the results of the evaluation. then blah blah. seeing him again made my day. i gave him a quick stare then looked away. haha. then we were all just talking about kinds of stuffs then we decided to go back to the main campus. but before we got there, we have to cross the streets, again, i dunno how, good thing he was with me :) i clinged on his arm then crossed the streets. hihi. then we sat together inside the jeepney, we were super duper close and his face was somewhat close to mine. and when he stares at me, i can feel butterflies in my tummy, as always. i was sleepy that time, so he would turn around and ask me if im sleepy or not. when he asked that his voice was soothing. haha. along the way, i asked him, what will you do in the main campus, then my classmate answered, its because yer there, then he just smiled. haha. then we roamed around the campus then my classmates had to go somewhere else, leaving me and batman alone. we sat on the bench, then talked about some stuffs, then suddenly he handed me a handmade bracelet from cagayan. haha. i was surprised at the same time touched. i looked at him and said its cute and thank youuuu :) haha.

its simple, but it means a lot to me. its really cute and has our tawagan in it :) and take note, one of the threads is Orange :) kinilig talaga ako :)

going to bloghop tomorrow :)

10 April 2011

Friends and Batman :)

Scribbled-Kiss. She's Eunice, my real life true friend. she was my classmate in nursery and became my bestfriend in high school. From our first year in high school till we graduated. we've been really, really, really close to each other. We got each others back. During our high school days, we're always together, along with our two other true friends, Yuki and Anna. We've been through all bad and good situations, but still we made it out and graduate together. Between those ups and downs our bond or relationship became so strong that made us inseparable and no one can mess with the other one cause we got each others back :D thats how close we are. By the way she's new in the blogosphere, if you dont mind, can you welcome her by visiting her blog? - http://scribbled-kiss.blogspot.com :D see you there !

ScribbledWorld. She's Carmela, we live in the same city but we havent see each other yet in personal, but someday we will. haha. it all started with the comment thingy. she was having a problem about that comment thingy, so i helped her. then after that we've been exchanging e-mails, tags, text messages and calls. haha. we became somewhat close. haha. she is an expressive girl, she tells me her worries and i as a friend on and offline i listened to her and gave her some words that could make her feel alright. haha. i promised her to make her a layout, right now em trying to install adobe photoshop, ugh, i cant use it. i dunno whats wrong. tss. anyways, visit her blog will ya? - http://scribbleworld.blogspot.com ! thanks.

BATMAN its been one week and three days since i answered him, and its getting better everyday. haha. he's really different, in a good way ofcourse. When he stares, i can feel butterflies in my tummy, they were like unstable electrons. haha. and everytime he stood next to me, i feel like my whole body becomes numb. ;) i somehow enjoy this feeling, this unusual feeling that only he can make me feel. see all my post about him - cheenish.blogspot.com/search/label/batman

it feels great to have someone like them, it makes my life complete and happy :D thanks huh :D

02 April 2011

Its Official :)

APRIL 01, 2011 is the date. haha. I was ready to answer him that day. Wanna know how i answered him ? naah. i'll keep that to myself. haha :D samin na lang un. then after that we had lunch together and he was with me all the time. but he had to go somewhere else with my other classmates, they were going to finish their presentation in computer. then after one class, i went home already. then we keep on exchanging messages. later that night, he texted me " 13 times 11 ? ", i replied " 143, you dont have calculator? ", then he replied " nd, sadya un. tingnan mo ng mabuti ", then i said " joke, gets ko un. ". then blah blah :D

i never had this feeling before, this is so unusual. for the first time. superb ! and em loving it. haha. it feels great. em just scared of what might happen. but i'll take the risk, cause i really like him :) i love him :D even though, ive been to a relationship before, still he is my first love. honestly, my past relationship was just nothing, it was just for fun. but this time, its different. really different, ive been experiencing different kinds of feelings/emotions. haha. and i know its love :P

i better return all those comments && i'll update my links :DD

21 March 2011

Batman helped me :)

so yeah, we had our palaro last friday, saturday & sunday. saturday was my fave day. haha. my classmate included my name in the game "domino", unfortunately i lost, cause i didnt know the mechanics of the game, and i havent played that game before. ugh. moving on. on the last event, the dance sports. we sat together along with my crazy and awesome classmates. haha. he was pretty quiet but he makes a lot of funny reactions. until the event ended, we went out of the gate together. me and my two classmates were going to eat together, but they left me with him, they crossed the streets first, and since i dunno how to cross (cause of trauma) the street, i ask him to cross the street with me, i was a little nervous, cause there were lots of vehicles passing, then he said "just relax". i was like "okay okay". then suddenly he grabbed my hand, pulled me and the next thing i know we were already on the other side of the street. i was really surprised. super. my heart was beating so fast. but i had to say goodbye cause my two classmate is already waiting for me, so i just said "thank you", "goodbye" & "take care" :) i didnt know that some of my classmates were watching us, they told me that "kinilig daw talaga sila" XD haha.

10 March 2011

1 Month :)

He's been courting me for one month already :) yep, he confessed and asked me if he can court me, two days before Valentines Day, February 12, 2011. Well, we're not in a hurry. I want to know him better, and im pretty sure he does too. And im waiting for something, something that he can only do/say like normal people do ;) haha. and if he do that, i might, or i will answer him right away :) haha.

i really dont know what to blog at this moment :) oh, lets pray for the places that were hit by earthquake and tsunami :)

01 March 2011

Letter for Batman :)

He shared a secret. he told me that he is Batman, and i should keep it to myself. lol. then i asked him if he needed a sidekick, then he said you want apply?, then i said yes. then he said okay, you can be Batgirl :) lol.

I cant take this anymore && i cant hide this anymore ( my classmates says its already obvious DAW ). so i wrote a letter for him, but i wont give it to him. haha. now i wish he would find this blog and read this entry :) haha.

Dear Batman,

I just wanna tell you that every time you stare at me, em instantly melting inside. that i like yer voice, cause i think its unusual and cute & because of that i wanna hear yer voice every single time. that by just seeing you coming makes me speechless. that when you stare and smile at me whenever were talking makes my head go blank, my heart beats faster & causes my cheeks to glow. that whenever i see yer back, i just wanna hug you from behind. that whenever you respond to my GM makes me me wanna bite my pillow. whenever you send group messages that contains "Banat" makes me wish and pray that its for me. i love it when you rub yer fingers through yer hair. then the moment we both looked at each other accidentally for 10+ seconds, boom. i fell inlove with you.

and oh, yer friends and our classmates keeps on telling me infos about you, and all the things yer telling them about me ;P haha.

P.S. please dont get tired of courting me, cause in the end it'll be worth ittt. XD

Batgirl ;)

He's been courting me for three weeks already <3 and he doesnt know that i like him.
sorry bout this. gusto ko lang talaga siya ilabas eh :)

btw can you follow my blog ? via netwrokedblogs ? i'll follow back :)

24 February 2011


YESSS ! BIGBANG is BACK ! wootwooo. Februray 24, 2010 :) after two years of absence in the KPOP scene, now theyre definitely back with AWESOME music ! again. then after that they'll be having their BIG SHOW concert after their promotions. isnt it cool ? too bad i can't attend their concert. why ? cause im in the phil && i have no money. but right now em saving my money cause im planning to buy all their album. from their first mini / full album to their fourth mini album :) haha. Right now all the VIPs are rejoicing, busy doing fanarts, graphics, buying the mini album, buying BB goods. haha.

i'll bloghop later, still have class today. tss.

14 February 2011

Happy Heart's Day

To all the lovers out there Happy Valentines Day :) && to the Loveless, Happy Independence Day :) hahaha. So i had a great day, wanna know what happened ? haha.

Our school prepared a short program and some kind of a game named Love Chain. haha, guess what ?! His hand and my hand were tied together, and before we can untie it we have to pose for the camera and wait for 15 minutes. haha. but before they untied it he held my hand :) right after that the program began, we sat together, our classmates, again squeezing us just to make sure we'll be sitting super close to each other. haha. Then we watched the program for 30 minutes i guess, without talking to each other. haha. then it ended, he asked me if "are you going home already?", i answered "I dont know yet, you?", then said with a smile "i dont know yet", then everybody was already leaving i stood up then he called me then he handed me a small paper bag with a cute little white bear in it :3 aww. so sweeeeet XD then we all went home :) haha. i had a wonderful day ! superb ! When he looks at me, i feel like im melting :) haha.

http://weheartit.com/entry/7142400 - image used

12 February 2011

He likes me & so do I

he just confessed that he likes me ! my heart was beating so fast, i can hear it. superb ! and now he is asking if he can court me, and since i like him, i said yes ! ohmygawd ! right now em so nervous && so happy. hahaha. way back then, i already know that he likes me, thats what makes me so shy && super quiet when he is around. im afraid that he might dislike my behavior :) lol. and now i dunno. hope he wont stop liking me :)

http://weheartit.com/entry/7086604 - image used.
http://yuniseu.blogspot.com/ [EUN] - icons used.

08 February 2011

when our eyes met

It was Monday, right after we left the computer lab, me and my classmate went out first. i didnt know that HE was at the back. when i turned around to look for my other classmate our eyes met, accidentally ! and what makes me kilig is that we stared at each other for about 10 seconds which was very long for me :) it was like i couldnt take my eyes off of him, but i managed to look somewhere else. haha. right after that i was out of my mind.

http://agustinaa.tumblr.com/ - image used.

03 February 2011

Next to you :)

i was really shocked when he suddenly appeared right infront of me. haha. lol. that was the third time he stood right beside me, and this time infront of me ! i didnt know what to do, so i kept quiet and i just looked down. it made me ** kilig. yea. super. i hope my classmates and HE wont read this.

so Midterm is finally here. i can feel it. it makes me so tired just thinking about all the things i need to study ! ugh. please help me God. hehe. i wont be posting long blog posts anymore, haha. i just want a short and simple post. just like this :)

&& Happy Chinese New Year !!
image - http://weheartit.com/entry/6834035

29 January 2011

My heart's in motion

haha. i'm starting to like him. and i dunno why. and because of that, i wish there will be classes everyday :) anyway, bubye PreMid, Hello Midterm, its exhausting but its okay, em pretty sure i wont regret it when the time comes :) in fact i'll enjoy it XD superb ! by the way i got high grades. haha.

You set it again, my heart's in motion
Every word feels like a shooting star
I'm at the edge of my emotions
Watching the shadows
Burning in the dark
And I'm in love and I'm terrified
for the first time and the last time
In my only life
- terrified by katherine mcphee

14 January 2011

Forever Cheenish :)

guess what ? em staying here at cheenish.blogspot.com for good :) i really regret leaving this blog of mine. i missed this blog so much. superb ! i left miss.teakandi.com, its not that i dont like it there, its just that my knowledge bout wordpress is limited, LOL. em not familiar with wp that much, unlike in blogger. i used wp twice as my blogging tool last time, but still i didnt get to know everything bout it. so i'll be here forever & ever. haha.

To my miss teakandi's affiliates if you like we can be affiliates here, and to my OLD affiliates it would be great, awesome, etc, if you want to be my affiliates again. haha. just tag me XD

so em back with a new layout && cbox, but the same artist BIGBANG && color. haha. do you like it ?

hasta ki ya lang, durmi anay iyo. manyana ya iyo man bloghop :) haha. - gets? XD

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