14 January 2011

Forever Cheenish :)

guess what ? em staying here at cheenish.blogspot.com for good :) i really regret leaving this blog of mine. i missed this blog so much. superb ! i left miss.teakandi.com, its not that i dont like it there, its just that my knowledge bout wordpress is limited, LOL. em not familiar with wp that much, unlike in blogger. i used wp twice as my blogging tool last time, but still i didnt get to know everything bout it. so i'll be here forever & ever. haha.

To my miss teakandi's affiliates if you like we can be affiliates here, and to my OLD affiliates it would be great, awesome, etc, if you want to be my affiliates again. haha. just tag me XD

so em back with a new layout && cbox, but the same artist BIGBANG && color. haha. do you like it ?

hasta ki ya lang, durmi anay iyo. manyana ya iyo man bloghop :) haha. - gets? XD


  1. WB to blogspot:) miss your updates how are you?

    nice layout still BB and i luv it (^_^)

  2. You're back nga! :DD Blogger is much simpler anyway.. hehe :)

  3. I always love and like your theme sis ! <3 meron rin akong bs pero di ko ginagamit. haha :P welcome back to your cheenish sis !

  4. besides, the advantage of blogspot is that... it's free, so, maybe after 10 years or so, u can still browse ur old site even if ur not anymore using it.

  5. good to know that your back^^, BTW do you also you photoshop with your images just like me?

  6. can i suggest you to at least have 2-3 posts up because it's like something's missing when you have all those white area down there? well, it's just a suggestion you don't have to take it:]

  7. thanks for all the comments XD


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