29 January 2011

My heart's in motion

haha. i'm starting to like him. and i dunno why. and because of that, i wish there will be classes everyday :) anyway, bubye PreMid, Hello Midterm, its exhausting but its okay, em pretty sure i wont regret it when the time comes :) in fact i'll enjoy it XD superb ! by the way i got high grades. haha.

You set it again, my heart's in motion
Every word feels like a shooting star
I'm at the edge of my emotions
Watching the shadows
Burning in the dark
And I'm in love and I'm terrified
for the first time and the last time
In my only life
- terrified by katherine mcphee


  1. nice picture! anyways, i love the fact that what gets me into school is my crush. haha! it makes every day in school worthwhile :">

  2. `ayyiiee ..
    we're on the same page sis .. :)
    he's the reason why i've always wanted to have classes everyday ! hahah ..

    congrats for getting high grades .
    i wish i'd get one too .. :)

  3. uuiiiii.. haha
    I like liking someone, haha
    pwedeng pwedeng pag hugutan ng inspiration =))

  4. i love the picture and the lyrics of the song :D

    congratz on having high grades..goodluck on us in the upcoming midterm exams! :D

    advance happy Chinese new year!(─‿‿─)

  5. Hey. Woots, sounds like someone is in love! And what's more, it's February ;) The month for lovebirds eh? x

  6. Wow. A crush? Hahaha :) So cute. Valentine's coming soon! Ahem ahem :P

    Hahaha. ANyways, grats on the high grades :)

  7. btw sis. can I ask ? where can you find cute images like that ? hehe. are you the one who took the image ? yey ! it's your midterm na. same here. though, I think I'll be having some lower grades :(

  8. I like the picture<333 AND YOUR HEADER<33
    Haha.. Ok na rin sa akin pumasok araw araw, pag friday kasi andun si kuya HRM, pag saturday si kuya comsci, pag wed si kuya polsci.. XDDDD LOL kidding. :))

    Congrats for getting high grades. :D

  9. thanks for all the comments :)


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