24 February 2011


YESSS ! BIGBANG is BACK ! wootwooo. Februray 24, 2010 :) after two years of absence in the KPOP scene, now theyre definitely back with AWESOME music ! again. then after that they'll be having their BIG SHOW concert after their promotions. isnt it cool ? too bad i can't attend their concert. why ? cause im in the phil && i have no money. but right now em saving my money cause im planning to buy all their album. from their first mini / full album to their fourth mini album :) haha. Right now all the VIPs are rejoicing, busy doing fanarts, graphics, buying the mini album, buying BB goods. haha.

i'll bloghop later, still have class today. tss.

14 February 2011

Happy Heart's Day

To all the lovers out there Happy Valentines Day :) && to the Loveless, Happy Independence Day :) hahaha. So i had a great day, wanna know what happened ? haha.

Our school prepared a short program and some kind of a game named Love Chain. haha, guess what ?! His hand and my hand were tied together, and before we can untie it we have to pose for the camera and wait for 15 minutes. haha. but before they untied it he held my hand :) right after that the program began, we sat together, our classmates, again squeezing us just to make sure we'll be sitting super close to each other. haha. Then we watched the program for 30 minutes i guess, without talking to each other. haha. then it ended, he asked me if "are you going home already?", i answered "I dont know yet, you?", then said with a smile "i dont know yet", then everybody was already leaving i stood up then he called me then he handed me a small paper bag with a cute little white bear in it :3 aww. so sweeeeet XD then we all went home :) haha. i had a wonderful day ! superb ! When he looks at me, i feel like im melting :) haha.

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12 February 2011

He likes me & so do I

he just confessed that he likes me ! my heart was beating so fast, i can hear it. superb ! and now he is asking if he can court me, and since i like him, i said yes ! ohmygawd ! right now em so nervous && so happy. hahaha. way back then, i already know that he likes me, thats what makes me so shy && super quiet when he is around. im afraid that he might dislike my behavior :) lol. and now i dunno. hope he wont stop liking me :)

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08 February 2011

when our eyes met

It was Monday, right after we left the computer lab, me and my classmate went out first. i didnt know that HE was at the back. when i turned around to look for my other classmate our eyes met, accidentally ! and what makes me kilig is that we stared at each other for about 10 seconds which was very long for me :) it was like i couldnt take my eyes off of him, but i managed to look somewhere else. haha. right after that i was out of my mind.

http://agustinaa.tumblr.com/ - image used.

03 February 2011

Next to you :)

i was really shocked when he suddenly appeared right infront of me. haha. lol. that was the third time he stood right beside me, and this time infront of me ! i didnt know what to do, so i kept quiet and i just looked down. it made me ** kilig. yea. super. i hope my classmates and HE wont read this.

so Midterm is finally here. i can feel it. it makes me so tired just thinking about all the things i need to study ! ugh. please help me God. hehe. i wont be posting long blog posts anymore, haha. i just want a short and simple post. just like this :)

&& Happy Chinese New Year !!
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