12 February 2011

He likes me & so do I

he just confessed that he likes me ! my heart was beating so fast, i can hear it. superb ! and now he is asking if he can court me, and since i like him, i said yes ! ohmygawd ! right now em so nervous && so happy. hahaha. way back then, i already know that he likes me, thats what makes me so shy && super quiet when he is around. im afraid that he might dislike my behavior :) lol. and now i dunno. hope he wont stop liking me :)

http://weheartit.com/entry/7086604 - image used.
http://yuniseu.blogspot.com/ [EUN] - icons used.


  1. Wow that's so cute! I hope you two would fall in love more~ :3

    Also, that's too bad if you don't like Hot Potato. I've always loved Korean rock. hehe.

  2. wow! that's sweet! I like it when a guy isn't afraid of confessing his love for a girl :) yiiiee <3 Sana maging kayo ^3^ date kayo sa Valentine's! kkk~

  3. thanks for using the icons btw :3

  4. Awww...you're so lucky to have a crush who likes you back! I wish the best for the two of you <3

  5. HAHA.. SABI NA EH! XD HAHA.. Next chapter na..XD Joke.. XD :)) HAPPY VALENTINES<3

  6. im so happy for you!!! :D :D i hope everything turns out well..tell us the developments of your relationship if ever ^^!!! XD XD yay!

    btw..happy happy Valentine's day! :D

  7. so you're in a relationship?


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