03 February 2011

Next to you :)

i was really shocked when he suddenly appeared right infront of me. haha. lol. that was the third time he stood right beside me, and this time infront of me ! i didnt know what to do, so i kept quiet and i just looked down. it made me ** kilig. yea. super. i hope my classmates and HE wont read this.

so Midterm is finally here. i can feel it. it makes me so tired just thinking about all the things i need to study ! ugh. please help me God. hehe. i wont be posting long blog posts anymore, haha. i just want a short and simple post. just like this :)

&& Happy Chinese New Year !!
image - http://weheartit.com/entry/6834035


  1. yiiiieee ^o^ I can feel that you're kinilig talaga! haha =))

  2. ANG CUTE MO<3 XD natutuwa ako. XD parang tuloy akong sumubaybay sa isang telenovela. :)) haha..

  3. aww very special and sweet moment :)

    luv it

    good luck with exams

  4. i miss having crushes. they always give you the kilig factor :D goodluck with midterms! :D

  5. good luck on your exams!! love ur theme! what happened to your wp blog? :)

  6. wow that was cuuuuute... I hope he wont read it too.. lol I know he's gonna surprise you with something more.. lol

    Goodluck with midterms then..

    and yeah.. Its better to post something short coz other bloggers doesnt even read ur post if its too long

  7. uuuy sis ! iba na yan ! :P haha ;DD me too I prefer short post. haha :P toink .

  8. Ayeee... Cheen is in love? Nice one sis! So "Kilig" naman yan! ahaha...

  9. thanks for all the comments :)

  10. ah, young love. =) i would have felt the same way.


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