08 February 2011

when our eyes met

It was Monday, right after we left the computer lab, me and my classmate went out first. i didnt know that HE was at the back. when i turned around to look for my other classmate our eyes met, accidentally ! and what makes me kilig is that we stared at each other for about 10 seconds which was very long for me :) it was like i couldnt take my eyes off of him, but i managed to look somewhere else. haha. right after that i was out of my mind.

http://agustinaa.tumblr.com/ - image used.


  1. O.M.G. Nakaka kilig naman! Imagine. your crush is infront of you? and stared you for 10 seconds. I think your crush likes you too, sis!

  2. HAHA. XD Ang cute nyo. XD Thinking about it, it could have been more than 10 seconds. XDDDD Ang hirap alisin ang tingin no. XD

  3. Wow that sounds so sweet! *_*

  4. Aww eye to eye contact :) Luv it!!!
    I remember those school days with crushes and stuff hihi

    Cuteness indeed

  5. haha that is soooo kilig!! I remember how I used to be like that. teehee, :P

  6. Oh gosh. This one's cute. Hihi. I remember those kind of incidents with my current BF. Awww. So sweet. \

    OT: Your theme looks cute. As always. I LOVE IT. <3

  7. aweeee. maybe he has a crush on you too! hahaha! :D

  8. thanks for all the comments XD


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