21 March 2011

Batman helped me :)

so yeah, we had our palaro last friday, saturday & sunday. saturday was my fave day. haha. my classmate included my name in the game "domino", unfortunately i lost, cause i didnt know the mechanics of the game, and i havent played that game before. ugh. moving on. on the last event, the dance sports. we sat together along with my crazy and awesome classmates. haha. he was pretty quiet but he makes a lot of funny reactions. until the event ended, we went out of the gate together. me and my two classmates were going to eat together, but they left me with him, they crossed the streets first, and since i dunno how to cross (cause of trauma) the street, i ask him to cross the street with me, i was a little nervous, cause there were lots of vehicles passing, then he said "just relax". i was like "okay okay". then suddenly he grabbed my hand, pulled me and the next thing i know we were already on the other side of the street. i was really surprised. super. my heart was beating so fast. but i had to say goodbye cause my two classmate is already waiting for me, so i just said "thank you", "goodbye" & "take care" :) i didnt know that some of my classmates were watching us, they told me that "kinilig daw talaga sila" XD haha.

10 March 2011

1 Month :)

He's been courting me for one month already :) yep, he confessed and asked me if he can court me, two days before Valentines Day, February 12, 2011. Well, we're not in a hurry. I want to know him better, and im pretty sure he does too. And im waiting for something, something that he can only do/say like normal people do ;) haha. and if he do that, i might, or i will answer him right away :) haha.

i really dont know what to blog at this moment :) oh, lets pray for the places that were hit by earthquake and tsunami :)

01 March 2011

Letter for Batman :)

He shared a secret. he told me that he is Batman, and i should keep it to myself. lol. then i asked him if he needed a sidekick, then he said you want apply?, then i said yes. then he said okay, you can be Batgirl :) lol.

I cant take this anymore && i cant hide this anymore ( my classmates says its already obvious DAW ). so i wrote a letter for him, but i wont give it to him. haha. now i wish he would find this blog and read this entry :) haha.

Dear Batman,

I just wanna tell you that every time you stare at me, em instantly melting inside. that i like yer voice, cause i think its unusual and cute & because of that i wanna hear yer voice every single time. that by just seeing you coming makes me speechless. that when you stare and smile at me whenever were talking makes my head go blank, my heart beats faster & causes my cheeks to glow. that whenever i see yer back, i just wanna hug you from behind. that whenever you respond to my GM makes me me wanna bite my pillow. whenever you send group messages that contains "Banat" makes me wish and pray that its for me. i love it when you rub yer fingers through yer hair. then the moment we both looked at each other accidentally for 10+ seconds, boom. i fell inlove with you.

and oh, yer friends and our classmates keeps on telling me infos about you, and all the things yer telling them about me ;P haha.

P.S. please dont get tired of courting me, cause in the end it'll be worth ittt. XD

Batgirl ;)

He's been courting me for three weeks already <3 and he doesnt know that i like him.
sorry bout this. gusto ko lang talaga siya ilabas eh :)

btw can you follow my blog ? via netwrokedblogs ? i'll follow back :)
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