20 April 2011

Great Day

Me and my classmate Christine: first day of summer class

yep, i had great day today :) haha. em actually enjoying my summer class. em taking up physics in the morning and sociology with anthropology in the afternoon. since our prof in socio didnt came, we went to the city campus and he was there (batman), we were both wearing red tshirts. coincidence ? or destiny ? lol. apollo of "my amnesia girl" used to say that a lot :) well, i tapped his shoulder and asked him bout the results of the evaluation. then blah blah. seeing him again made my day. i gave him a quick stare then looked away. haha. then we were all just talking about kinds of stuffs then we decided to go back to the main campus. but before we got there, we have to cross the streets, again, i dunno how, good thing he was with me :) i clinged on his arm then crossed the streets. hihi. then we sat together inside the jeepney, we were super duper close and his face was somewhat close to mine. and when he stares at me, i can feel butterflies in my tummy, as always. i was sleepy that time, so he would turn around and ask me if im sleepy or not. when he asked that his voice was soothing. haha. along the way, i asked him, what will you do in the main campus, then my classmate answered, its because yer there, then he just smiled. haha. then we roamed around the campus then my classmates had to go somewhere else, leaving me and batman alone. we sat on the bench, then talked about some stuffs, then suddenly he handed me a handmade bracelet from cagayan. haha. i was surprised at the same time touched. i looked at him and said its cute and thank youuuu :) haha.

its simple, but it means a lot to me. its really cute and has our tawagan in it :) and take note, one of the threads is Orange :) kinilig talaga ako :)

going to bloghop tomorrow :)

10 April 2011

Friends and Batman :)

Scribbled-Kiss. She's Eunice, my real life true friend. she was my classmate in nursery and became my bestfriend in high school. From our first year in high school till we graduated. we've been really, really, really close to each other. We got each others back. During our high school days, we're always together, along with our two other true friends, Yuki and Anna. We've been through all bad and good situations, but still we made it out and graduate together. Between those ups and downs our bond or relationship became so strong that made us inseparable and no one can mess with the other one cause we got each others back :D thats how close we are. By the way she's new in the blogosphere, if you dont mind, can you welcome her by visiting her blog? - http://scribbled-kiss.blogspot.com :D see you there !

ScribbledWorld. She's Carmela, we live in the same city but we havent see each other yet in personal, but someday we will. haha. it all started with the comment thingy. she was having a problem about that comment thingy, so i helped her. then after that we've been exchanging e-mails, tags, text messages and calls. haha. we became somewhat close. haha. she is an expressive girl, she tells me her worries and i as a friend on and offline i listened to her and gave her some words that could make her feel alright. haha. i promised her to make her a layout, right now em trying to install adobe photoshop, ugh, i cant use it. i dunno whats wrong. tss. anyways, visit her blog will ya? - http://scribbleworld.blogspot.com ! thanks.

BATMAN its been one week and three days since i answered him, and its getting better everyday. haha. he's really different, in a good way ofcourse. When he stares, i can feel butterflies in my tummy, they were like unstable electrons. haha. and everytime he stood next to me, i feel like my whole body becomes numb. ;) i somehow enjoy this feeling, this unusual feeling that only he can make me feel. see all my post about him - cheenish.blogspot.com/search/label/batman

it feels great to have someone like them, it makes my life complete and happy :D thanks huh :D

02 April 2011

Its Official :)

APRIL 01, 2011 is the date. haha. I was ready to answer him that day. Wanna know how i answered him ? naah. i'll keep that to myself. haha :D samin na lang un. then after that we had lunch together and he was with me all the time. but he had to go somewhere else with my other classmates, they were going to finish their presentation in computer. then after one class, i went home already. then we keep on exchanging messages. later that night, he texted me " 13 times 11 ? ", i replied " 143, you dont have calculator? ", then he replied " nd, sadya un. tingnan mo ng mabuti ", then i said " joke, gets ko un. ". then blah blah :D

i never had this feeling before, this is so unusual. for the first time. superb ! and em loving it. haha. it feels great. em just scared of what might happen. but i'll take the risk, cause i really like him :) i love him :D even though, ive been to a relationship before, still he is my first love. honestly, my past relationship was just nothing, it was just for fun. but this time, its different. really different, ive been experiencing different kinds of feelings/emotions. haha. and i know its love :P

i better return all those comments && i'll update my links :DD
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