15 May 2011

It's summer

oh my i know its late. anyways. belated Happy Mothers Day to my mom to yers :) haha. my dad prepared lunch, well he didnt cooked the food, he just ordered them, why ? he is too lazy to do it, after that me and my mom went shopping. haha. she bought me new clothes. yay. thanks mom. i love you :)

ugh. i miss Batman so much ! superb. havent seen him for weeks. tss. and i blame summer for that. i really really want to see him now, as in now. right now all we do is text, text and text. :)

sorry if i havent replied to yer comments, our internet connection was disconnected and mom is planning to reconnect this June which is like years for me. tss. right now em using my cousins laptop. hahaha.

01 May 2011

One Month Together

its May 01. and guess what ? its our First Monthsary today :) too bad we can't be together today. tss. anyways, yesterday i had a great day with my bestfriends. when i got home, i did all my chores and while waiting for my little brother, i fell asleep. then i got up at 12 or 1am, then i checked my phone immediately and there were messages from him (ofcourse), eventhough hours have passed since he sent those messages, i still responded to his msgs then i ask God to wake him up if he's already sleeping :) hihihi. and he did ! haha. before he greeted me, we talked about some random stuffs. unfortunately the network is sick and his battery is low. i went to sleep at 3am, he at 4am :) then we continued talking at 7am or 8am (?). i really really hope we'll see each other on monday :DD oh, what is wrong with me ? i kinda feel shy in showing my feelings for him. tss. i dunno why. can you give me a little advice ?

Hey hey ! got a new layout ! what do you think ? is it okay ? this time, BigBang is not featured, maybe next time :D its simple and i love the colors :D
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