21 June 2011

June 14 & 19

So i had a great day with him last June 14, 2011. As i got off the tricycle, i looked straight to where we were supposed to meet. And there he was standing, wearing the cap i gave him on his birthday. Seeing him standing there, waiting for me to arrive made me feel something unusual, until now i still cant describe or name this kind of feeling that only he can make me feel. Then i yell out his name to catch his attention. The way he looked at me was really asdfghjkl ! haha. Then we started walking, before we reached Mindpro there was this crazy old man who’s making a scene, i was frightened so grab his arm not his hand. Lol. Then suddenly he grabbed my hand. I was shocked, i felt some butterflies in my tummy. That was the first time we held each others hand. When he touches my back or shoulders, the butterflies in my tummy are starting to go wild. Haha. Then it was time for me to go home, but before that he held my again.

Batman visited my place last June 19, 2011, and there he met my whole family. Haha. We were in my mom’s store. We were just watching TV, talking and he helped me filling the ref with soft drinks. And when silence come, he will stare at me then laugh, he would touch my arm, my hair then he will just grab my hand and me ? well, i can feel those wild butterflies in my tummy again. Haha. At 5pm he went home. We forgot to take some pictures, and kinda pisses me off. Anyways i had a great time with him.

sorry for the late update && replies :D will bloghop later :)
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