11 October 2012

Are you Loyal or Faithful ?

"I'd rather be faithful than loyal to my girlfriend". The message I received from my friend. And his reason was, if he was loyal, he'd still be flirting with another girl and he doesn’t want that. (? )So he 'd rather be faithful because, no matter what the odds might bring, he'd stick to his only girl. And that made me think. I was like is there a difference between being loyal and faithful ? isn’t it synonymous ? then later I found out that Faithfulness talks about the action of a man sticking or staying with His girl. He only gets attracted to her, he only pays attention to her, no second glances; so being faithful is basically being true to your partner. Loyalty, on the other hand talks about a man that no matter how many times he get laid with different girls, He'd still be coming back to his girl at the end of the day; so basically your only true to the relationship you are in. Now I see the difference.

I read this in some site, "dogs are loyal to their masters but from masters point of view, dogs are faithful to them".

10 September 2012

Missing my High School Life

So its been three years since i visited ZCHS, my school. I really miss this place, the teachers and of course my classmates and close friends. On august 26, our school celebrated 66 years i think, and we had a little reunion, my Bahkada, the Aguinaldo Boys and the some from Einstein. We chitchatted for the whole time, ate some Hotdog on sticks, mango shakes, raw mangoes, etc. Unfortunately there was no Chowking or greenwich Booth, lame right ? Hahaha. we took some pictures using my phone, cause i forgot to bring mg digital camera, i know, Lame. haha. :D

Sorry for the low quality. L-R: Elmer, Jake, Aldrich, Me, Anna, Yuki, Nissy, May, Lim, Al and Darwin. I really missed those people in the picture. :D

We went to Lutong Pinoy Resort, twas my bff's birthday. Thats me in Gray. :D haha. 

So I was one of the usherettes during the Search for Mr. and Ms. School of Allied Medicine, so does the other shunga. Hahaha.  Me in green, Kc in Pink, Alexa in violet, Clarizza in brown (she's not in the pic, cause she went home early.) and below is the picture of me and my senior.

Time to bloghop and return those comments. :DD

13 August 2012

Kame ang Shunga

So here are my Friends, The Shunga. From L-R: Clarizza, Kaycee, Del, ME, Alexa. :) Cute right? :)) We've been friends for 2 years already and I'm still counting.

So been away for two months. Been busy with School stuffs, cause we the juniors are still adjusting to our "mind-blowing-exams" and "everyday-quizzes". So Pre-Med is finally over. And I thank God for my grades, I pity my other classmates and some of my friends, they failed in some subjects, some of them passed 3-5 subjects out of 8 subjects. Well, they consider my lucky cause i only failed in one subject. tsk.

We attended a seminar about phlebotomy. Well, its not a boring seminar, we had so much fun, and the topics presented was so interesting, we even asked for a copy of their powerpoint presentations. And asked one of the Representatives to take a picture with us (the shunga), He's the President of the PAMET Zamboanga Chapter. He has a cool voice, and sang some few songs while we we're having our dinner.

So thats for now, time to bloghop :)) aww. my page rank is 1/10, tsk, it used to be 3/10 TT

24 June 2012

First Three Days

We were a little confused with our schedule, but thanks to our professor, we finally understand it. haha. So yea, im already a junior, and it feels great. so i am now reunited with my girlfriends, Kaycee, Alexa, Del and Clarizza,

L-R Alexa, Del, Me, Kaycee & Clarizza <3
On the first day, we already found our spot in the cafeteria, our tambayan. haha. so everytime we have our vacant time, we go to our spot, eat, talk and hunt some cute students. haha. On June 23rd, it was our Del's 18th birthday, so we surprised him a little birthday party.

Then we took lots of picture using different cameras. haha. he was surprised and was about to cry. Since i missed a lot of gimik, so i bought this personalized keychains from hey!doodle@fb. its pretty cute i think.

So here are some of the pictures we took. haha, sorry for the low quality. we dont have DSLR eh, maybe someday.

WHO WANTS TO EXCHANGE LINKS ? just comment on post.

08 June 2012

False Alarm

About the title, my crush, my senior isn't leaving this year. Yes ! I asked him about it, he told me, he'll be leaving after graduation which is next year.

So last Friday, me and del visited our classmate who was diagnosed with dengue, fortunately he was there. Upon entering, he immediately offered me his chair, isn't it sweet? At first I hesitated, but gave in eventually. So awkwardness filled the room. Whenever our eyes meet, we both smile like a lunatic. His eye smile was so asdfghjkl! Whenever he smile, I feel the butterflies in my tummy gone wild and I thought I'll die because of suffocation. When we decided to leave, he said he'll come along. We just used the stairs, I wasn’t even exhausted. then we went to town, he paid for the fare, he is so sweet! After that we went separate ways. Tss.

After that, we keep on exchanging messages. And guess what? he asked me out. I was like a crazy puppy, I bit my lip for a hundred times, I even yelled at my cousin because of excitement. She was looking at me like "wtf is wrong with you? " haha, I get that a lot.  So on Thursday afternoon, we went to watch a movie, "Prometheus". He bought some donuts and popcorn, he keeps on offering, I wasn’t in the mood to eat, because I think, it'll just make the butterflies more wild. I can feel his arm brushing against mine, and sometimes his fingers tapping on my arm and it felt so asdfghjkl ! again, I can't explain the feeling. Then suddenly, he asked for my hand, he said he was cold. Unfortunately, me being so stupid, I didn’t gave my hand, I was worried that he might think that I'm easy-to-get which is not! Then afterwards, I felt his mood changed, so I asked him if he was okay, he said yes. I think I hurt his ego. *sigh. stupid me. Then after that, I bought some books, him being so so gentleman, took the books from my hand, he said it was heavy so he should be the one carrying it, sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! Then we went home. <3

So that’s our first unofficial date. Unofficial cause he's not my boyfriend yet. hahaha. Toodles, see you on my next post.

29 May 2012

Barkada && Kichi

These past few days, nothing special happened. So I'll just introduce you to my Barkada. Our friendship started when we were still in our sophomore year, so last year. Lol. We got so many things in common, no awkward moments, we share secrets, exchange advices, study together, get dress together well, except for Del, he's a guy you know. And lastly we love to play DoTA (defense of the ancients) and were kinda good at it. I just noticed, the four of us, we don’t have a picture. Hahaha.
Aelxa, me and kaycee <3

Del and Alexa :)

So who is Kichi? she's my new dog, cross breed, half Labrador and half dachshund. My uncle gave her to me. She's really playful and she loves to play with my stuffed toys, just like me. I really wanted a boy, cause I wanna name it Jacob, my crush's second name, but since the dog's a she, and my crush's first name starts with K, so I named her Kichi instead.

I don't know, even though were not always texting or calling, I still like him. : ) he's just busy, according to him and his cousin, my classmate. So I'll end it here, toodles. Time to visit some blogs.

i can't reply to yer comment sis Trish, norton is blocking me from viewing yer blog. sorry.

24 May 2012

Goodbye Summer

So yea, summer is about to end.  No more online shopping, overnight chitchats, stalking some cute guys on the internet and most of all bye 12 hours of sleeping. *sigh*.  And this also means, I can't see my senior anymore. This is just so sad, I can't bear this. Not seeing him is gonna be the latest shade of blue. Since he's a marine engineer, he will be with the sea. Too bad he can’t feel my warm touch, just the cool breeze from sea. I think they're not allowed to use their cellphones, so he can't hear my soothing voice, just the splash of the water against the vessel and the chirping of some seagulls. And lastly my level of inspiration will be lowered, ugh. But that's life. Every phase in our life has this and that, and I think, all I can do is go with the flow. Haha, am I overreacting or something ? LOL.

Say Hi to my whatsoever face ~ webcam :)

I'm officially enrolled, I am now a 3rd year college student. I really thank God that I passed and I had the money to enroll this year. This time im with my best friends, and it feels great. I don't have to be friends with those "Girls", I hope you know what I mean. This semester, I will focus on my studies, since my senior is not around so it'll be easy. Haha ! hope I'll reach 4th year and graduate with my best friends.
I'm contented with my layout, so I'll leave it like this. But there will be some little changes. Haha. So toodles ! :)

13 May 2012

Got my eyes on you

Hello ! Changed my layout again, got the basecodes from blogskins.com again. hahahaha. so its simple. i love the colors. its actually my fave.

and to those who welcomed me on my previous post, Thank you!. i didn't know there are still active bloggers. thank God. lol.

about my title, well, ive been eyeing someone lately. he's my senior. we've been texting and sometimes video calling when he's not busy. hahaha. and guess what, he confessed that he has a crush on me, and so do i. he's really cute and has fair complexion. i really cant forget the day i met him, we played jellybase, i looked at him a lot, as in a lot. i didnt know he was also looking. hahaha. he told me later that night. "you can't catch me staring at you if you werent looking at me", so he's been staring at me all along. kelegs! and on our first video call, he keeps on giving? me? flying kisses. is my grammar right? ugh! ashamed. hihihi. so i'll end it here, see you on my next post. :)


05 May 2012

Single && Happy

Its been 11 months, and i really really miss my blog. :) well, i didnt have time to play with my photoshop, so i just modified some skin from Blogskins.com. hahaha. and one of the reason why i cant play with my ps, is that our monitor is dead, good thing mommy is going to buy a new one. yay! so this one is very very simple.

single? yea, i broke up with him on our monthsary. i wasnt happy anymore. im so fed up with his "don't do that, don't do this", "him being so selfish", and i'm so effin tired understanding him. i ended it through text, too lazy to meet him up so.

twas my barkada's party, where i realized how much fun i've been missing. i wanna be with my friends. just them. speaking of fun, i had so so much fun with them, we went swimming, boating, some of my friends tried riding an ATV && took lots and lots of pictures.

as you can see, i dont have tagboard and links of my affies. hehe. :) oh, thanks for the 932 comments ! :D and this is my 50th post. weee !
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