29 May 2012

Barkada && Kichi

These past few days, nothing special happened. So I'll just introduce you to my Barkada. Our friendship started when we were still in our sophomore year, so last year. Lol. We got so many things in common, no awkward moments, we share secrets, exchange advices, study together, get dress together well, except for Del, he's a guy you know. And lastly we love to play DoTA (defense of the ancients) and were kinda good at it. I just noticed, the four of us, we don’t have a picture. Hahaha.
Aelxa, me and kaycee <3

Del and Alexa :)

So who is Kichi? she's my new dog, cross breed, half Labrador and half dachshund. My uncle gave her to me. She's really playful and she loves to play with my stuffed toys, just like me. I really wanted a boy, cause I wanna name it Jacob, my crush's second name, but since the dog's a she, and my crush's first name starts with K, so I named her Kichi instead.

I don't know, even though were not always texting or calling, I still like him. : ) he's just busy, according to him and his cousin, my classmate. So I'll end it here, toodles. Time to visit some blogs.

i can't reply to yer comment sis Trish, norton is blocking me from viewing yer blog. sorry.


  1. okat thanks. but honestly converse is expensive.

  2. ohaha~ okay, your welcome^^
    have a nice day sis~

  3. Haha! As a Directioner I hear that a lot. Y'know, the boys are not so bad, it's the fandom that's unbearable at times XD Even I admit that hahaha. As for Mayday Parade.. yes! So sad I haven't known them long ago, but at least I do now =)))

    Okay sis, it's up to you whether you want to comment or tag (: Thanks for suggesting me to put it up in the first place!

  4. but it's very comfortable and cute :)

  5. RE: here's my username-->http://www.wattpad.com/user/baka_usagi

    and the link of my 2 ongoing tagalog novels are in there.

    i didnt repost my english poems there >.<

    anyway, if you have time, just comment and vote every chapter that you decided to read. :D


  6. On your comment: Thank you! :) Where are you from, btw?

    On your entry: It's really nice to spend time with your friends! :x

  7. no problem :) ooh what kind of drama you're watching?

  8. awww i suddenly missed my highschool girl friends :( it's really super nice..spending time with barkada.. they give u that 'blissful' fun and ofcourse, the harcore laughs that only few people can do:) hope you keep them for a long time! :)

    have a blast this June! xoxo


  10. You and your friends look so adorable! Hahaha :)

    Awww I've always wanted a pet!


    BTW, I love the pinky toy u bought =] its kawaii =]]]

  12. Kichi is so cute. :) Jacob is the second name of my nephew too. Hahaha

    It looks like you and your friends really have a lot of things in common. And I don't doubt that you have a major time together. It's a shame though that you don't have a picture with the four of you together.

  13. Ohh, reminds me of my barkada too :D My hs barkada was formed during our 2nd year. We're seven girls, but we go along with other guys too.

  14. ang saya talaga pag walang ilangan sa barkada. :). i don't know why, pero naintriga ako na last year lang kayo naging magkakaclose:).. until i realized that my barkada's the same. haha 2nd year lang din naging AGPk.

  15. kakamiss naman ang mga ganitong eksena with school friends, enjoy enjoy. :)

  16. You have a good set of friends! :)
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  17. Ohh, same here :) we're a group of four. I also have 3 best friends, but we're all girls. Hehe, the more, the merrier. That's a cute name for a dog! sounds like kimchi. :3

  18. Nice post, wish you a wonderful weekend.


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