24 June 2012

First Three Days

We were a little confused with our schedule, but thanks to our professor, we finally understand it. haha. So yea, im already a junior, and it feels great. so i am now reunited with my girlfriends, Kaycee, Alexa, Del and Clarizza,

L-R Alexa, Del, Me, Kaycee & Clarizza <3
On the first day, we already found our spot in the cafeteria, our tambayan. haha. so everytime we have our vacant time, we go to our spot, eat, talk and hunt some cute students. haha. On June 23rd, it was our Del's 18th birthday, so we surprised him a little birthday party.

Then we took lots of picture using different cameras. haha. he was surprised and was about to cry. Since i missed a lot of gimik, so i bought this personalized keychains from hey!doodle@fb. its pretty cute i think.

So here are some of the pictures we took. haha, sorry for the low quality. we dont have DSLR eh, maybe someday.

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  1. it so happened that we just had our first three days in school too :) (last week). we dont have classes every th-fri. I like your pink (?) top :) you look so pretty :)

  2. happy bday to del ^^

    nice blog!

  3. goodluck satin sa 3rd year! type ko ung outfit mo, sa nakapeace sign ka!!! :))))). sige link ex tayo :D

  4. Hi Sis! >:D< Goodluck & God Bless sa Junior year natin ngayon College. Happy birthday to Del. Omggg! Ang cute nung keychains.

  5. hi! visited back :D


  6. seems like you really miss your girlfriends.. lol I know what that feels like.. Nice pictures too.. I <3 the foodpic.. makes me starve.. haha Goodluck on your junior year.. lol it's funny that one of guy's pic was pixellated or blurred.. haha

  7. Hi Cheen!

    I'm back!

    Whee, pasukan na naman!

  8. hi there!cute blog you have. followed you here hope you do follow me tooo!
    colorfullbliss.blogspot.com. see yah!

  9. A new and simpler link badge is now available at BLOGS NG PINOY! You may use it to link BNP to your website.

    Thank you for linking BNP!

  10. I hope you enjoy your third year! :)

  11. Thank you for your comment on my post a few months ago! It took me a while to finally have the opportunity to check my blog, though.

    On your post, it's nice that you're already a junior! Just one more year~ Hope you'll enjoy this academic year with your friends!


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