13 August 2012

Kame ang Shunga

So here are my Friends, The Shunga. From L-R: Clarizza, Kaycee, Del, ME, Alexa. :) Cute right? :)) We've been friends for 2 years already and I'm still counting.

So been away for two months. Been busy with School stuffs, cause we the juniors are still adjusting to our "mind-blowing-exams" and "everyday-quizzes". So Pre-Med is finally over. And I thank God for my grades, I pity my other classmates and some of my friends, they failed in some subjects, some of them passed 3-5 subjects out of 8 subjects. Well, they consider my lucky cause i only failed in one subject. tsk.

We attended a seminar about phlebotomy. Well, its not a boring seminar, we had so much fun, and the topics presented was so interesting, we even asked for a copy of their powerpoint presentations. And asked one of the Representatives to take a picture with us (the shunga), He's the President of the PAMET Zamboanga Chapter. He has a cool voice, and sang some few songs while we we're having our dinner.

So thats for now, time to bloghop :)) aww. my page rank is 1/10, tsk, it used to be 3/10 TT

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