10 September 2012

Missing my High School Life

So its been three years since i visited ZCHS, my school. I really miss this place, the teachers and of course my classmates and close friends. On august 26, our school celebrated 66 years i think, and we had a little reunion, my Bahkada, the Aguinaldo Boys and the some from Einstein. We chitchatted for the whole time, ate some Hotdog on sticks, mango shakes, raw mangoes, etc. Unfortunately there was no Chowking or greenwich Booth, lame right ? Hahaha. we took some pictures using my phone, cause i forgot to bring mg digital camera, i know, Lame. haha. :D

Sorry for the low quality. L-R: Elmer, Jake, Aldrich, Me, Anna, Yuki, Nissy, May, Lim, Al and Darwin. I really missed those people in the picture. :D

We went to Lutong Pinoy Resort, twas my bff's birthday. Thats me in Gray. :D haha. 

So I was one of the usherettes during the Search for Mr. and Ms. School of Allied Medicine, so does the other shunga. Hahaha.  Me in green, Kc in Pink, Alexa in violet, Clarizza in brown (she's not in the pic, cause she went home early.) and below is the picture of me and my senior.

Time to bloghop and return those comments. :DD

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