11 October 2012

Are you Loyal or Faithful ?

"I'd rather be faithful than loyal to my girlfriend". The message I received from my friend. And his reason was, if he was loyal, he'd still be flirting with another girl and he doesn’t want that. (? )So he 'd rather be faithful because, no matter what the odds might bring, he'd stick to his only girl. And that made me think. I was like is there a difference between being loyal and faithful ? isn’t it synonymous ? then later I found out that Faithfulness talks about the action of a man sticking or staying with His girl. He only gets attracted to her, he only pays attention to her, no second glances; so being faithful is basically being true to your partner. Loyalty, on the other hand talks about a man that no matter how many times he get laid with different girls, He'd still be coming back to his girl at the end of the day; so basically your only true to the relationship you are in. Now I see the difference.

I read this in some site, "dogs are loyal to their masters but from masters point of view, dogs are faithful to them".

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