13 November 2013


Super late update. I’ve been busy for the past few weeks, school stuff. First semester is finally over, but we are still working on our thesis. It’s one of the requirements for internship. And my birth certificate needs to be NSOed, my X-ray findings isn’t normal so I went back to the hospital and repeated the examination, and the result was normal. Three more requirements then we’re off to our first orientation at the hospital. Wooh. Please pray for me. Hahaha. I’m currently working on a new template and it has a sidebar.

Zamboanga City was attacked by MNLF last September, while last October, Bohol and Cebu was shaken up by an earthquake, a very badass magnitude enough to destroy a building. Then came November, along with super typhoon Yolanda, which made five landfalls with a follow up Bagyong Zoraida. Scary. Happiness, prosperity and new wardrobe is all I want this December. Oh and also peace. J #PrayForPhilippines.

During Shayne's 18th Birthday at Astoria. (L-R Me, Del, Alexa & Kaycee)

And in connection to my last blogpost, about the profanities, he isn't disturbed or something and, its not what you think it is. Hahaha. And guess what ! He told me that he likes me ! ASDF ! To make it less awkward and smooth, I told him that the feelings mutual. Bwahaha. I seriously, as in seriously like him, superb. And its scaryy.. 

30 October 2013


Deciding whether to post this or not. Haha. Have you ever looked at yer ex boyfriend and ask why and what the hell got into to you that you wasted yer time and affection for that douchebag? Well, it happens every time I looked at him. I'm still wondering if I really loved him or not. To tell you the truth, the only reason why I said yes was because of peer pressure. Pretty lame right? And to answer my classmate’s question, the reason why I’m bitter was because whenever we argue, he sometimes hurt me physically. But I’m over that. Haha
Right now, I have crush on someone who swears a lot, it’s like his vocabulary is filled with profanities. And that’s okay with me. I find it sexy smh. ;) I really admire his writing skills; I even almost asked him if he is an author. Haha. I’m still contemplating whether to tell him or not, but I chose the latter because we’re good-good, and I don’t want that to change. By the way, he’s cute and we have a lot things in common.

We all prefer Krispy Kreme than J.Co right ? ;)
Will bloghop this saturday.

22 October 2013

My Environment-Friendly Ride

I haven’t blogged about my orange mountain bike, so here it is. My dad and I bought all the parts except the body and assembled it, we did this before my dad had stroke. We spent almost 4.5K only because some of the owner of the shop was dad’s old friend, so we had discounts and other parts were on sale. Lucky me. And it has horn which you can find on an ancient bike that goes “cling cling”, it’s so cute when you hear it.

The color of the bike is supposed to be neon orange like my wrist watch, unfortunately, the one who mixes paint couldn’t get the color combination, so I settled with the golden-but-looks-like-bronze-with-orange-or-yellow color. LOL. Confusing right? I’m not good with naming colors. Sorry for the late post. I’m still busy with pre-finals. Good luck to me.

I don’t why I included the picture of my school things and my latest desktop. Well, maybe because it’s orange too. ;)) Just deal with it. Hahahaha.

13 October 2013

Oh Oranges !

Tada ! Been working on this template for weeks, I'm not really good in XML, so mistakes are there, as you can see it, my navigation can't be centered wgen placed before the blog post, believe me I've tried it, it only goes to the right side. I pity myself. *sobs. And also, I can't make 3 columns at the footer. Tss. And obviously it's orange and oranges, and i love it. Still working on the links and pages, so please bear with the lack of awesomeness cause obviously Im still new with this $@s%& XML. Hehehe. I think I'll change this theme pretty soon. 

Exchange links anyone ? Hahaha. Looking for some new awesome bloggers, since most of the bloggers I knew from way back 2008 isn't blogging anymore. An I don't know why. I really wish they'd come back. I miss them, really. So, till next post. Zai jian !

03 October 2013


Our preparation for the events and festivals was wasted big time, with all our efforts and money. We we’re preparing for the School of Allied Medicine’s festival, UZ Palaro and Medtech Week. And right now we are all sulking, especially us, the seniors. This will be our last year in the university, so we'll decided to have fun at the school events and festival and give our best academically. And it was jeopardized by the MNLF. So I’m expecting a stressed-filled weeks and no sembreak. YAY ! Note the sarcasm. And then after that, Internship at ZMC aka General Hospital or in Perpetual Hospital and Chong Hua Hospital in Cebu City. I'm so excited. Weee.

Me in white shirt and red pants. ;) I smile big time. :D
I haven’t watched the movie Mortal Instruments: city of bones yet because I’m still reading the fourth book, city of fallen angels. Hahaha. It’s like Harry Potter and Lord of the rings all over again, despite the fact that Mortal Instruments is modernized. ;) Retrieving items and discovering ancient secrets. So typical right? The story is pretty good though and I love JACE. Who wouldn’t? The characters were well described and the plot is so wickedly twisted and that’s why I couldn’t stop reading. It’s really thrilling and sappy. The first book was kinda boring, but when you get to the second and third, all you get is goosebumps. 

21 September 2013

Madness Overload

The MNLF battled their way in with their stupid, selfish, futile and nonsense purpose of making the Zamboanga City a part of the ARMM and establish the Bangsamoro government and that is by hoisting their freaking damned flag in the heart of our beloved City. And desperation has driven them to hold hostages as human shield, how inhumane was that?

The news was somehow not that devastating; the radio announcers were always taking the fun out of anything. They will be saying heartbreaking news, and then in an instant just to lighten up the atmosphere, they’ll be saying things that are funny and has sense.

13 days, and still counting. I’m so freaking bored, I’m so broke and because of this madness, we won’t be having our sem break. And it sucks big time.  Right now, the uzeans should be having their prefinal exam. Instead here we are, lounging and waiting for some good news. I spent most of my time playing with adobe photoshop. I’m not really good in blending, so here goes nothing. Heads up, what you are about to see is completely crappy

New layout ! This wasn't the layout I was supposed to use, unfortunately, my codes got mixed up, some got deleted. So I just modified  my old layout, added some banner then changed some colors and fonts so viola ! What do you think ?

Is my font readable ? ;) Is my layout too bright ? Too simple ?

02 September 2013

Flip, Sip or Strip ?

Two large bottles of Jack Daniels, 3 bottles of antonov mixed with 1 bottle of GSM blue, a bottle of Iceberg vodka and 2 large bottles of Red Horse to top it all. So who wants to die first? Hahaha.

I really want to play that game with my best friends, no outsider please, we don't want any casualties, right? The game begins with after flipping the coin, while it is still in the midair, you'll have to guess it, head or tail. If you got it right, pass it to the person on yer right. If you got it wrong, its either you sip any liquor or strip any material from yer body, then pass the coin to the person on yer left. Cool isn't?

Don't be scared, it's just my oh-so-awful face. ;)

Anyways, Hello blog-o-sphere, fellow bloggers and lookers. Been away for almost 1 year, and I feel awful. I wish i didn't stopped blogging. It's just that, school work is taking its toll and i barely got time to return all those messages and comments here in my blog. But hey, I'm back. LOL.

Ex links and ads are welcomed. ;) Im soooooooooooooo back.
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