21 September 2013

Madness Overload

The MNLF battled their way in with their stupid, selfish, futile and nonsense purpose of making the Zamboanga City a part of the ARMM and establish the Bangsamoro government and that is by hoisting their freaking damned flag in the heart of our beloved City. And desperation has driven them to hold hostages as human shield, how inhumane was that?

The news was somehow not that devastating; the radio announcers were always taking the fun out of anything. They will be saying heartbreaking news, and then in an instant just to lighten up the atmosphere, they’ll be saying things that are funny and has sense.

13 days, and still counting. I’m so freaking bored, I’m so broke and because of this madness, we won’t be having our sem break. And it sucks big time.  Right now, the uzeans should be having their prefinal exam. Instead here we are, lounging and waiting for some good news. I spent most of my time playing with adobe photoshop. I’m not really good in blending, so here goes nothing. Heads up, what you are about to see is completely crappy

New layout ! This wasn't the layout I was supposed to use, unfortunately, my codes got mixed up, some got deleted. So I just modified  my old layout, added some banner then changed some colors and fonts so viola ! What do you think ?

Is my font readable ? ;) Is my layout too bright ? Too simple ?

02 September 2013

Flip, Sip or Strip ?

Two large bottles of Jack Daniels, 3 bottles of antonov mixed with 1 bottle of GSM blue, a bottle of Iceberg vodka and 2 large bottles of Red Horse to top it all. So who wants to die first? Hahaha.

I really want to play that game with my best friends, no outsider please, we don't want any casualties, right? The game begins with after flipping the coin, while it is still in the midair, you'll have to guess it, head or tail. If you got it right, pass it to the person on yer right. If you got it wrong, its either you sip any liquor or strip any material from yer body, then pass the coin to the person on yer left. Cool isn't?

Don't be scared, it's just my oh-so-awful face. ;)

Anyways, Hello blog-o-sphere, fellow bloggers and lookers. Been away for almost 1 year, and I feel awful. I wish i didn't stopped blogging. It's just that, school work is taking its toll and i barely got time to return all those messages and comments here in my blog. But hey, I'm back. LOL.

Ex links and ads are welcomed. ;) Im soooooooooooooo back.
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