03 October 2013


Our preparation for the events and festivals was wasted big time, with all our efforts and money. We we’re preparing for the School of Allied Medicine’s festival, UZ Palaro and Medtech Week. And right now we are all sulking, especially us, the seniors. This will be our last year in the university, so we'll decided to have fun at the school events and festival and give our best academically. And it was jeopardized by the MNLF. So I’m expecting a stressed-filled weeks and no sembreak. YAY ! Note the sarcasm. And then after that, Internship at ZMC aka General Hospital or in Perpetual Hospital and Chong Hua Hospital in Cebu City. I'm so excited. Weee.

Me in white shirt and red pants. ;) I smile big time. :D
I haven’t watched the movie Mortal Instruments: city of bones yet because I’m still reading the fourth book, city of fallen angels. Hahaha. It’s like Harry Potter and Lord of the rings all over again, despite the fact that Mortal Instruments is modernized. ;) Retrieving items and discovering ancient secrets. So typical right? The story is pretty good though and I love JACE. Who wouldn’t? The characters were well described and the plot is so wickedly twisted and that’s why I couldn’t stop reading. It’s really thrilling and sappy. The first book was kinda boring, but when you get to the second and third, all you get is goosebumps. 


  1. Hi Nicole :))

    Wow, senior ka na pala. Galing naman! graduation nyo na next year. Congrats in advanced! May future med-tech na naman ang Pilipinas hehe!

    Ayus lng yan, kung di nyo na enjoy ung mga activities na na-cancelled due to the recent happenings jan (Zambo Siege) basta enjoy nyo na lng ang mga days na magkakasama pa kayo ng mga batch mates mo.

    Lalong lumiliit ang mga mata mo sa tuwing nag-i-smile ka hihihi :D


  2. I suddenly miss my college days way way back. Great blog! So tangy. ;)

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  4. Cute blog!


  5. Ang active mo naman sa extra curricular sis. Nung college ako wala ako pakelam sa events. Haha. Jojoin lang ako pero di ako makikiorganize. Tamad eh hahaha Go go go! Mas okay yan na mas madaming bonding moments and experience. Minsan lang ang college. :))

    And goodluck sa internship! Ang hirap jan, time management. Pero kung internship lang naman kayo focus, masaya yan. Kami kasi habang nag iinternship, may classes pa kami.

    Ang dami kong nakikita sa goodreads na nagbabasa nyan, pero di ako naaattract talaga. Hehe. AT di ko din mapanood yung movies kasi walang time. Hehe.

  6. That would be super busy. And You'll be visiting Cebu for internship? OMO! I felt envious! so envious! :D

    And hoping for the complete quietism in Zambo.

    I miss reading good books. :/

    from Myxilog with love <3

  7. Hi Nicole! Your link is up on my blog as well. Thank you! Sorry for the late response. :)


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