11 January 2014

Hello !

I’m back, for the nth time. Hahaha. I was really busy with the internship stuff. That I forgot to update this blog and upload a fansign for someone you know who you are, he’s sulking and posted some hurtful tweets that were directed to me, obviously. I feel really bad about it. Moving on. So I was assigned to Clinical Microscopy and Parasitology Section (UriPara). The work there is lesser even though it’s one of the busiest laboratory section, all because its already automated, but we are also allowed to run the tests manually.

So I turned 20 last November 26. Boohoo. Am no longer a teenager. Haha, it’s pretty exciting and at the same time depressing. Don’t ask me why. ;) I had two post celebrations, for high school and college friends.

We ate at my house, then went to light candles at the Fort Pilar Shrine then we decided to have a little fun at Paseo del Mar, specifically at Distrito to have some drink, then we called it a night.

Went to La Vista Del Mar. We brought food and some soft and hard drinks. We took a lot of pictures. So typical.

With cousins
Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone ! It’s never too late to change for the better and leave those bad memories and bitchy attitudes behind. God bless. J
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