10 August 2014

Officially Unemployed and Lovin' It

Graduated last July 10, 2014. What I'm feeling ? Ineffable. A dream come true, one goal achieved, made my folks proud and made me love myself more. Hahaha. Too much vain. lol

And guess what! I was awarded with Best Inter of the Year by Zamboanga City Medical Center Integrated Laboratory. And I was like, WOW. Just wow. ;D Okay okay, enough with the bragging. Oh Lolo made me a dress, an Orange dress that is way too fluffy. I looked enormous in it, add the toga. Ugh. But the color's gorgeous. ;)

I really missed blogging. Maybe every Sunday I'll update this old blog of mine. Hahaha. :) I dont know if any of my affiliates are still blogging. :)

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